Feels good to be home


Yes, I admit it’s absolutely fabulous to just get away and forget about everything, but I’ve noticed that I also miss being at home doing nothing and sleeping in my own bed.

So here’s the lowdown on what I did these past 5 days.

Friday, took my very bumpy plane down to LAX and managed to somehow sleep my way through the trip down, something which I’ve never managed to do before. After landing, Pockypimp did eventually manage to find me in the airport, realizing that he was a wee bit late, not because of anything he had done, but because my plane had landed a mite bit earlier than the projected arrival time. After the very long morning that I had, we made a lunch stop at In-N-Out, which was technically my first real meal of the day seeing as it had started off with an absolutely sublime slice of taro mousse cake from Yamato’s Dessert Cafe. For my first burger at this joint with its reputation preceeding it, it was quite tasty! I would say the only thing I really noticed was that my patties were a wee bit over salty, but otherwise a very very tasty burger all around. Oh and one other thing, Coke tastes really freaking weird in the States. I dunno why, but PT mentioned it was because they use corn syrup as sweetener down south. Who in the world uses corn syrup!? Oh, one more thing, Yamato’s mango mousse cake is absolutely to die for and I could happily eat that all day in place of getting an orgasm or two during that “time of month” seeing as someone has issues with sex during that period. No pun intended. (The only criticism I would have over the taro cake was that it left the most bizarre greasy sensation, kinda like you smeared vaseline, on the roof of my mouth. A little disturbing.) So after my nice little (actually, large) restorative lunch, we headed to Brea Mall for some shopping! I didn’t really spend any money while shopping that first day because I knew I would get back to a mall at some point before leaving on Tuesday, so I settled for 3 pairs of cute cute undies where in the back it has a mesh cut-out of a rabbit, Hubby insists it’s a cat, but whatever. After Frederick’s we stopped at Victoria’s Secret and found myself the most hilarious new form of sparklies to dispense onto myself and others! All that Shimmers Powder/Brush set. I swear, these were the most hilarious thing I had come across, I think we managed to either terrify or amuse the girls in VS with me attacking PT with them. Basically it’s a cartridge where you press the plunger to dispense the powder, and then brush it onto the desired body part, or in my case, attacking a person not paying attention to what I’m doing. Case in point:

me: “Give me your arm!”
PT: “Why?” *perplexed look*
Me:”Give me your other arm!”
PT: “Hell no!”
me: “But you have to do it on both sides because it’s gotta be even!” :D

So after all the amusement with the sparklie loaded cartridges, it was off to dinner at Tokyo Lobby. This is the place that, for some reason, serves great quantities of meat on what would ordinarily be used as “sushi boats”. Between the four of us (me, Softie, Cardshark & his roommate) we ordered a Lucky Boat for 3 and still had left overs enough for one person to take home for future use. The other half of our party (PT, Belldandy, Jariten & Ozymand) ordered a different Lucky Boat for four and had tons of leftovers split between two people for later! Holy cow. It still amazes (read: scares) me to this day how much food that restaurant puts at one sitting.

Funny thing, a few weeks back Softie had made mention to me that after Tokyo Lobby, we’d be going to Krispy Kreme. Why? Not because I wanted to go and had requested a visit. No, it was his excuse to cover up the fact that he was diabetic and wanted go to KK himself! LOL! It was pretty funny. The eight of us walked in just as the “Hot & Fresh” sign was lit and we walked out an hour later (after a little chatting and laughing at Cardshark donning his free KK paper hat) with 4 boxes of one dozen doughnuts. Scary. Needless to say, I didn’t want to see KK for the longest while because of work, but I found out that I’m a fan of the Chocolate Devil’s Food Cake flavour. Yum, tasty even cold from the fridge. Amazing.

Saturday, I was taken to the Curry House to spend the day in Little Tokyo with Biggie, his brother Junior, PT, Bell, Bob, Softie, Ozy & Jari. Very cool little area I have to say. I’m still amazed by the warm air and amount of sunshine that California has to offer, even in November! I have never before had Japanese Curry, it was a very tasty experience, I believe I had a breaded pork on rice with a pool of curry sauce and a salad on the side. After walking around, checking out the mall (Where the boys played in the arcade for a fair bit) Belldandy and I spent most of our time checking out the Hello Kitty/Sanrio stores in the mall. After which we all headed off for dessert/ice cream/shaved ice/jelly. Funny enough, that evening we all ended up back at PT’s place and the boys ended up playing more video games and eventually had us girls competing against each other on Burnout 3. Dinner was a fun alternative of IHOP then it was off for Xtreme Bowling in the dark. It was great to just sit around and watch. After awhile, someone had decided to put onto the big screen the Best of Michael Jackson DVD. Ew. After watching the retro videos, it got nauseating, especially the last one where he’s half naked, and not looking at all black with his weird freaky nose and squinty eyes. *shudder* Never again will I be able to sit through that many hours of Michael Jackson in one go.

Sunday a smaller bunch of us, headed off to Universal City Walk. The morning started out with the requisite weird breakfast. This time it was the experience of Original Tommy’s where everything is covered with their famous chili. Also known as the gift that keeps on giving. Again, a tasty experience, but definitely wouldn’t be able to do that on a regular basis! I am now the owner of a t-shirt, which the boys graced me with, that says “Canada. America’s Hat.” I’m still not quite sure what to make of it, but apparently they all loved it and bought it for me. I on the other hand, bought myself a cute squinty-eyed Hello Kitty t-shirt that said ‘If I hear the word cute one more time…” On this beautiful day I managed to get myself slightly sunburned, a wish bestowed upon me by Mikey because he wasn’t with me in California, but still in Scotland freezing off his buns, I’m sure ^_^ The afternoon finished off with a showing of Pixar’s new movie The Incedibles. And the movie is exactly that, incredible and highly enjoyable!


9 thoughts on “Feels good to be home

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      UHhhmmm…. that would make sense. IF the mesh cutout was on the FRONT of the undies! :D They’re on the ass, why would I think of there being a kitty on my ass?!? LOL!!

  1. –I would say the only thing I really noticed was that my patties were a wee bit over salty–
    In my half groggy state…I read patties as panties and had to stop and ponder WHY THE FUCK you’re eating panties that are salty.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Well you know.. there was a reason why I went down there just to buy undies ^_- As for the patties, like I said, a little salty, but otherwise quite a tasty experience. Mmm… In-n-Out. I’m sitting here thinking that I could actually do that for dindin right now, but am waiting for my Pizza Delivery Boy to bring food home from Papa John’s right now :D

  2. And another thing I realized much later on. Going shopping with you is like going shopping with Jenny. “How much trouble can I get him into?” type of shopping, the only difference is you didn’t ask me to buy everything.

      1. I’d go shopping with you again, it was just an odd experience since I don’t go shopping with females as often. Of the few that I have gone with maul shopping you and Jenny acted very much alike within the confines of the mall. The other girls I’ve gone to the maul with were either straightforward “let’s go get this” kind of shoppers with an agenda or they browsed but didn’t subject me to sparkly assaults.

      2. TeaseMeGirl

        YAY! Someone to go shopping with me when I go to LA! :D I don’t think Chris had nearly an amusing time taking me to the maul… seeing as I kept walking into shit and totally destroyed Williams Sonoma ^^;;; In case he didn’t tell you (I’m under the assumption he has), I bumped into a display and everything came tumbling down around me. Nuts everywhere…! The only saving grace was that the girl was impressed that I was the first person of the season to knock it all down, I’ll assume it’s an annual event. I think I may be banned from that particular store. *sigh!*

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