Oh my wow!

Okay, so I’m sitting here in the loft completely mind boggled.

I’ve been sick forever now it seems (about a month and a couple of days) and I swear, it’s always those days that you’re trying to catch a nap here and there that people are constantly foning or ringing your doorbell.

Well, funny enough, I didn’t answer the door at all, and seeing as my body’s decided that sleep is so not staying with me, I got up to check the front door. Some people can be so persistent I swear.

It turns out the person that had rung the doorbell twice was in fact delivering a package from the United States Postal Service. Who would’ve thunk? So, now I’m sitting here in complete awe and still mind boggled with a new friend in my lap, sugar to feed me, a wonderful new treasure box to hide things in and a pair of scissors to run around with ^_- I’ve just been gifted with a Hello Kitty package of fun! :D

I am absolutely grinning from ear to ear, something Hubby hasn’t seen me do in a very long time since before I got sick. This truly made christmas feel like christmas for me this year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to “one of my boys”, Whitey & his phenomenal wife (and seemingly inexhausting of talent) Acrolove.




2 thoughts on “Oh my wow!

  1. Yt totally got you that stuffed animal himself. After we’d filled the box up and shit he saw it and had to get it for you. We both rummaged around for all the hello kitty things we could find :P I think you actually can run with those scissors, they’re all rounded and shit.
    I am very glad that you like the stuff. You deserve it.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      First priority: Run around with scissors in hands. Why? Because I can!
      Ahhh your boy is a total sweetheart :D Not that mine isn’t, but damn, that’s just cool! (And it’s kinda nice not getting vibrating Hello Kitty objects from people in the states for once too! Not that those aren’t fun to just say you own :D)

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