Infectious Diseases, anyone?

Well, I got to spend 2 hours at the doctor’s office today. And Al is not cooperating, so now they’re pulling out all the big guns so to speak.

I’m on a penicillin now that hopefully won’t upset my tummy as well as a buffer to hopefully make my tummy not so sore as it has been the last 5 days.

My chest xray from last week showed that my heart seemed to be on the bigger side of normal, so I have an echocardiogram tomorrow morning at 830 to see what the hell’s up with that. Then I have to get my ass down to the other side of the city to another hospital for 930 to have a consult with an Infectious Disease Specialist (!!!) because of this damn fever that just won’t go away and all the other shit that’s been going on since november…. Although, now I’ve just been informed that the HPTP clinic I had that 930 appointment with doesn’t think I should be seen by them, and would like me to be seen by the big Doctor of Infectious Diseases on friday, yay. Now I have to wait for them to get in contact with me.

On the 19th, I have an appointment for an ultrasound/barium swallow because of all those drugs making my tummy unhappy.

On a stranger note, I had the coolest bloodwork today though, if you can imagine THAT being cool of all things. The bacterial cultures they do for blood is they have these huuuge vials (think of when you get a booster shot but make the injection vial like 10x bigger) with what is essentially a Petri dish on the bottom and they incubate it for 48+ hours to see if anything grows :D Unfortunately, it also requires them to poke you twice to get 2- 2 bottle samples just in case one got contaminated. So I have holes all over the place now with my regular lab visits.


Go away, Al.

Just go away.


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