Yeah… damn long morning… and I didn’t get any sleeping last night either.

Okay, so as I predicted, my parents were late picking me up. like 25 minutes late. GAH! Frustration and stress all balled up in the same place.

They forgot about me as did a few other people today, I might add. The first woman in admitting checked my name in a book and told me to have a seat, someone will call me. So I’m sitting there, watching people go in, come out, and leave. Go in, come out, leave. Go in, come out, leave. My mom at this point is annoyed and goes back up to the admitting window and asks if they’ve forgotten about me. Lo and behold, they have, on top of which, they thought I was just in for regular x-rays. Baaaahhhh…. Keep in mind that during this half hour stretch, my dad has been hanging around the diagnostics imaging department trying to find my whereabouts. By the time I get my shit in order and head towards said department, he’s wandering down the hall back towards us trying to figure out where we ended up.

So whatever, dumb nuts. I check in with the Diagnostics Imaging Desk and they tell me to go down the hall all the way to Waiting Area F. Okay, fine… remember, during this time my dad’s been already hanging out in that waiting area so he knows where it is and the tech there asked if he found me when we arrived. So I’m hanging out in Waiting Area F, for about 20 minutes and this nice portly gentleman comes around asking if there’s a J MB waiting.. That of course, is me. The time now is about, oh… 9am and he was like, “OH! Come with me to Waiting Area E…The girls at the front didn’t tell me you were here! You’re supposed to be in Nuclear Medicine.” -_-;;; Uhmm, ARGH and WTF!? During this time my parents have been hanging about not doing a helluva lot other than making fun of me because mom could’ve been at “Spa Lady” (aka Gold’s Gym) doing her aerobics class.

The nice gentleman technologist (who I wish I knew his name) explained to me everything of what was going to happen: CT Scan, Bone Scan, etc… asked me a few questions and we finally got started. ID Doc didn’t mention to me anything about GETTING STABBED AGAIN! I was injected with a radioactive dye! Ahh well, figured I couldn’t be lucky enough to go a week without getting poked somewhere I didn’t want :/ After the initial poking (which, by the way, if you ever have this done, be forwarned that it FUCKING BURNS!) he took a couple of “pictures” just to show where the dye was going, and then I was off the hook to do my CT Scan until 11am when I had to return to do all the extensive Bone Scanning films.

At this time, it’s about… I dunno ~maybe~ 920am, and I’m walked back to Waiting Area F to continue twiddling my thumbs read a magazine. Now’s about when my parents get bored… and hungry. So my dad comes looking for me to say that they’re going to the caf to have breakky and I tell them go ahead and have fun. It’s hospital caf food, for breakfast, how good can it be? Time passes. More Time passes. My parents have come back from breakfast after 30 minutes and inform me that they will be sitting at Waiting Area E for me because it’s less crowded. It’s now about 1020am and I am still sitting in Waiting Area F for a CT Scan. A technologist comes out looking very familiar to me, but I can’t quite place her off the top of my head but then realize who she is: One of my request clients from work… I’m still twiddling my thumbs.. it’s now 1030am and the technologist lady comes out and looks completely startled to see me as she turns around.

“J, what are you doing here!?”
I’m broken, and I’ve been sick forever, I’m supposed to be having a CT Scan done
“What?? Let me look, oh you’ve been waiting a long time, let’s do your scan.”
Sweet. And it’s being done by someone I know too.. lol

So I tell her what’s up, what’s been going on, etc etc… and Heidi confesses to me that she’s “strayed” from my work. She had a facial done at another spa and had a horrible experience that so didn’t live up to the standards she’s come to expect from my work. Oups. So she’s going to be definitely staying a loyal client forever and ever and ever. Niiiiice^_-

CT Scans are interesting. You don’t do much, just lie with my head inside this tunnel and it an outside “ring” whirls round and round and round in circles at high speeds. Not much to do on my part, but I notice that both of the scanners require that your head gets strapped in with velcro. Not the most comfortable feeling, but at the same time not terribly uncomfortable either. So while she’s strapping me into the tube, Heidi tells me that Nuke Med probably doesn’t need me for a little while longer, so I won’t have to worry about being in Waiting Area E promptly @ 11am. Cool, whatever. So the CT Scanner does its thing, whirling and whirling and whirling and eventually stops. All done, time now is 1045am. The great thing about knowing people, is at least they spend 5 minutes out of their schedule to get you to where you’re going and make sure you’re okay before they go back to doing what they’re doing. I have another half hour until I see the nice gentleman again at nuke med, and ask him really quick if it’s okay to grab a snack and a drink, and he says, yeah go ahead. ^_^

So I’m in the caf… with my parents… and my dad’s hungry… again. It’s only been an hour since he had breakfast (pancakes, sausages, hasbrowns and poached eggs?! Jeezus!)! LOL! Funny how when you show up right in between the times where breakfast is finished (and subsequently no longer served) and lunch is being prepared (and not ready to be eaten) there’s never anything palatable to eat in the meantime and you’re always left with the nasty icky sub-par meat and cheese with lettuce sandwiches. Or, in my dad’s case, his excitement of the day: Curried Squash Soup and crackers.

Back to Nuke Med, it’s 1115am. The most boring half hour of my life is spent lying on a table with my head almost completely sandwiched between 2 x-ray film boards (wtf do you call them?). Don’t you hate it when they tell you to lie as still as possible, don’t move, and you have itchy spots all over your face!? Nifty machine, these two ‘boards’ rotate 360 degrees around your head in small increments, adjusting distance from your face to get it right. But, like I said, boring as all hell. After all that was said and done, I had to hang around just a bit longer til the Radiologist took a peek at the films rather than me leaving, getting and getting a fone call later saying things weren’t quite clear. The time now, is 1155am. Looong day.

1210pm nice gentleman from Nuke Med waves me over and informs me that the Radiologist has looked at the pictures and would like for me to return on Wednesday for one more test (white blood cell imaging) which will take me SIX HOURS to complete and have to return again on Thursday for followup. ARGH!!! Not because anything was fuzzy, but because he wants to check to see if there’s infection going on in my sinuses. ID Doc had left it up to the discretion of the Radiologist as to whether or not I should have this “white blood cell test” done if he thought there was bone weirdness going on. Apparently there’s bone weirdness going on -_-;;;

I think I’m in for the long haul..

(BTW, at the end of all this waiting, and sitting, my parents got seriously bored.. can’t blame them. After the whole thing at the hospital, they had to drop something off at the post office… and then we ended up having lunch at Tim Horton’s… if you’ve been keeping track, this would be my dad’s THIRD meal in 4 hours! He had another soup + bun, donut & coffee. Apparently not one to pass up a free lunch, I had a bowl of chili + bun, a donut and iced tea… unfortunately Daddy was still hungry after his watery soup and donut, and I sacrificed half my donut to him…and I think he had probably also eaten about a third of my chili during this time as well.)


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