ER or not to ER?

Soo.. I’ve had a long day.

In bed.

With a temperature that’s slowly been climbing.

I’ll admit, I am stupid.

I had a temperature of 104.7F when I crawled my ass off the shower floor after my half hour dousing of screaming ass hot water.

That was 430pm.

I had 2 extra strength tylenol before hopping in there, and at 530-ish I took my temperature again to find it only dropped to 104.1F.


So I’m sitting here with an ice pack and icey gingerale waiting for all sorts of nice people to come home and rescue me from this hell that my doctor refuses to treat or acknowledge.

I booked another appointment with ID Doc for Friday.. I’m hoping to either get admitted tonight to the ER or hope IDD does it for me by friday.


2 thoughts on “ER or not to ER?

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      No.. it isn’t. It took about 2 hours before the second dose of tylenol kicked in to break some of the fever. I’ve had my fluids, a nice big ass dose of solumedrol and tylenol 3s. I even got a whack of T3s to take home with me! Woowoo!

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