So the Derm’s all excited… if you can call it excited, he’s kind of an interesting character, as they say.

Because SALLY was diagnosed at the early stages, there is a treatment that I will be undergoing (soon-ish, whenever the specialist from the hospital calls) that has very good results which was recently documented in May’s American Journal of Clinical Dermatology.


From what I gathered, the gyst of it is I would be hooked up to a dialysis-like machine, have my blood extracted, white blood cells separated, UV light beamed at it, I take some drug to help the absorption of said light and then the blood is reintroduced into my system. The whole process kinda reminds me of the white blood cell scan they did last January where they reintroduced the white cells with a radioactive tag….

Anyhow, according to the derm, it’s had great results in the double blind placebo testing specifically for Progressive Systemic Sclerosis in above-mentioned journal. It would help with the stiffness in the joints, pain in the muscles and the grossness of my skin (which is, according to him, the least of my problems). To some degree it makes sense to me because when I spent oodles of time in the sun last year, I did notice a significant improvement in things.

I guess this is very good news… I’m just all weirded out by the fact that I’ll be spending more time in the hospital again with poking and prodding action like MIL and her weekly chemo treatments.


6 thoughts on “………

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      LOL!!! You know what.. I never thought of it that way.. my white cells will have a sexier summer tan
      than I will! ;)
      That totally made my day! :D

      1. You will be the only one I know whom I will permit to tan. And yes, you do need my permission to tan, because I am (as my mother puts it) “the sun police”. Even if it is just your white cells.

      2. TeaseMeGirl

        LOL!! WAY COOL!
        You realize that you’re going to get from me at some point in time a badge that says “Sun Police” ;D

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