An evening at Rouge

Mmmmmmm……. The Hubbs & I just had an awesome night with Mom & Dad…. at least I’d like to think we both did ^_^

Brit-SIL gave us her 2006 work Christmas prezzie because the menu just didn’t strike her fancy. I knew going to the restaurant that Mom wouldn’t have any great opinions of the food, ambiance and experience, but Dad would definitely enjoy the opportunity. Turns out that he had already beaten us to Rouge right before the holidays because of a work-bonding event. Either way, we all enjoyed ourselves.

I must admit, when we had made reservations a couple of weeks ago, I was afraid the restaurant was going to have a pretentious attitude accompanying its food, but I was more than pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and welcome I felt upon entering. None of us were terribly dressed up and some of the patrons were in jeans and sweats attire and nobody was treated with anything less than a warm smile.

* House Smoked Salmon, “Puttanesca” Crouton Salad — the best tomatoes I have had in Calgary in God only knows how long with an incredible serving of smoked salmon
* Seared Scallop & Oxtail “Surf n’ Turf” — 3 huge monster scallops perfectly cooked with tender oxtail that would’ve been phenomenal with just a nice papardelle (in my opinion).
* Seared Foie Gras, Sautéed Pear Soufflé, Sunflower Seed Butter, Maple Gelée — for some reason I’m drawing a blank on how it tasted, but I do recall enjoying it quite considerably.

Soup & Salad:
* Lobster Bisque Spiked with Green Peppercorns & Brandy — ordered by The Hubbs & Mom, too rich for me and not quite what I was expecting.
* Hotchkiss Farms Tomato & Micro Green Salad, Bacon Vinaigrette — I didn’t taste Dad’s salad, but apparently it was tasty.

* Roasted Sable Fish Filet, Savoy Cabbage Roll, Saffron & Pancetta Beurre Blanc — Mom’s choice of very delicately cooked fish with a cabbage roll made with barley.
* Elk Medallions, Rosti & Marjoram Crème Fraiche — my elk was perfectly tender, but the rosti was unfortunately, super salty.
* Pan Seared Lamb Loin, Catalan Vegetables & Truffled Potato Purée — again, very tasty and tender no complaints here from Dad.
* Black Candied Breast of Duck with Garlic Caramel & Lavender Risotto — tasted very reminiscent of duck with hoisin sauce. I loved the risotto, personally. The fat on the duck just melted in the mouth according to The Hubbs.

* Diablo Creme Brulee — As everyone is aware, I don’t do dessert, so this review will be mind-boggling. Generally speaking, desserts are just not up to par in my books and aren’t worth getting excited about, but this was a whole new experience for me and holy cow it totally blew me away. We ordered the one dessert to share between four of us because as Dad said, “We mind as well since we aren’t going to be doing this kind of thing on a regular basis and you just have to have the full dining experience.” I was expecting this dinky little dessert, that everyone would get a tiny taste of. Holy cow was I wrong. Split between four people, it was insane!

The creme brulee was cold, dark and wonderfully cinnamon-y and probably about a good 2/3-3/4 cup in capacity. Not only that, but for presentation, it came out on a long rectangular plate with a wee cold and milky espresso shot on the side with a wonderfully cinnamon-y slice of biscotti. The coffee & biscotti alone sent me into an absolute girlish tizzy. The creme brulee was ordered primarily for Mom to try, but it turns out that she was not at all a fan of the dessert and is far more partial to a creme caramel instead, so the No-Dessert-Eating-Girl & The Hubbs ended up finishing dessert and I am definitely appreciative of Dad’s insistance. If I could have just another shot of espresso with the biscotti, I would be all over that like a dirty shirt right now. Srsly.

Everything we ordered tonight we ended up sharing, which was probably the best restaurant meal experience I’ve had in a very very long time which made it immensely enjoyable. I think if given the opportunity again in the future, we would definitely go out with Mom & Dad for dindin just for the fun of it all.

I’m fat, I’m happy and I’m expecting to be ravenous again in about a half hour, but damn I am happy.



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