Happy Birfday to The Hubbs!

May the year bring you lots of love, health and happiness.


Some news on the cat front: Sahmeen has fit into our household perfectly and we are ready to welcome her into our family permanently.

The cats are doing rather well now together. Kitty was all mean and hissy the whole weekend (obviously) and I think on Sunday night/Monday they came to some sort of begrudging acknowledgement of each other.

I woke up Monday morning to one cat to my left at my head and one to my right at my feet. It was cool.

Sahmy’s been all “Like me! Love me! Play with me!” the whole time she’s been here with Kitty more than a little irked at her presence, at first.

Now they get along rather fine and dandy. They’re playing with each other and they both sleep at the end of the bed now @.o

Bed hogs, I swear.

Oddly enough, as much as they are bed hogs, having BOTH cats on the bed takes up less room than Kitty did by herself… they have this invisible wall between them that neither crosses.

So hopefully by Saturday, Sahmy will have all her stuff here and will have been completely integrated into our lives. So cool.


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