Non-Food Pics from Montreal Trip

We did take pics of interesting stuff that wasn’t all related to food…

L’Amour — This place was just down (up?) the street from Moishes, where we ate dinner the day we landed. It’s an adult movie theatre. The sign out front that says admission is free for couples on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Offerings & Paying Respects at the Cemetary — Everytime we go back to Montreal we pay our respects at the cemetary, make offerings of food and wine and ask for blessings and to watch over us.

Me & The Hubbs at Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal — At some point The Hubbs & I totally got lost trying to find my family and ended up in the Votive Chapel. Taken from the site: “The Votive Chapel constructed between 1946 and 1949 as an annex to the Crypt Church, is the work of architect Louis Parent. There was not enough room on the the walls of the Crypt Church to hold all the crutches, canes, braces and other devices left behind by the sick who had been healed.” Yea, seriously creepy to me. We told my parents where we ended up and about the crutches & canes on the walls and Mom(?) asked if we lit a candle and said a prayer to be healed… ¬_¬

Dedicated staircase for serious worshippers at Saint Joseph’s Oratory.

Happy 100th Birthday Gramma! — Gramma is pretty damn spry for a hundred years old! She can seriously boot it when she needs to move!

Chow Mein Garden — This is my paternal Grandfather’s restaurant in St.Lambert, on the south shore, which has been run by my Uncle for the last 20+ years. It was sold a few years ago and is now run by former employees. According to my Aunt, who still works there a few nights a week to help out the take-out dinner rush, the menu’s been changed and is now serving more ‘trendy white guy stuff’.

Random paintings on the street that looked cool. — It’s a swimming pool!

Address Plaque — The Old Port of Quebec City had address plaques in the 1/2 numbers! By happy coincidence, we ended up being in Quebec during the city’s 400th birthday celebrations. We made the three hour drive to check out the touristy stuff. It would’ve been cool if we had been able to stay until later in the evening when the celebrations really kicked in.

Mural — There were a whole bunch of buildings in the Old Port where the sides were painted with these supremely detailed & impressive murals.

Public Toilets — The strangest thing to behold. A public toilet facility that’s shared by both men and women. You think you’re in the wrong place because there’s no differentiation between mens & womens, but then realize in your foolishness that it’s all one and the same. Go figure.

Just For Laughs Festival — Such a pity. Mom & I left the day Just for Laughs (Juste Pour Rire) started. This street was blocked off for the festival and a stone’s throw from the hotel.

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