Vibrating Audibly…

SO excited!

(Tummy still hurts btw. Seeing family doc this afternoon for monthly appointment)

Peanut butter marshamallow squares! (Sometimes known as butterscotch confetti squares.)

For some reason, this is the one little square that makes me heart go pitter patter just from the sheer amount of sugar.

So excited, I have it in my fridge at the moment, but I made it the “traditional way” of using multi-coloured marshmallows.

It’s funny, I am not a fan of butterscotch nor am I fan of multi-coloured marshmallows (they taste ick), but when combined as such it just seems to make the squares that much better. I am totally infatuated with the whole thing and it’s a pity that it’s one of the few sweets that The Hubbs doesn’t like.

How can you not like something that looks as adorable as this:


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