I’m rather excited.

The Hubbs and I went out to run a couple of errands after he’d seen Max Payne with Brit BIL & their older brother. He didn’t care for the movie, but he went to spend time with his brothers.

I’m ready to start a new project (weather’s turning colder now) and I have a few things that i think I may be capable of tackling: 1) Pac-Man scarf — done in intarsia and 2) Bacon scarf — just simple stripes.

I am rather embarassed to say that when we went shopping for yarn at Crack City, I’m using cottons for the intarsia bits, I bought the wrong colours. I don’t know what I was thinking, but they are not going to be the right colour ghosties. So the scarf will end up being a “bootleg version” of the real thing, as grar suggested. In order for me to get this pattern underway, I also needed to buy a pad of graph paper so I could sketch out the pattern and visually see what would go where. I printed off a guideline off of Sprite Stitch, but the squares are so tiny that I can’t see anything properly.

I have high hopes that this is going to work, have my fingers crossed, and will be saying a little prayer to the crafting gods that this will be successful.

After finding what we were looking for, I wandered around the store a little while The Hubbs checked out to see what new movies were released for his perusal. Ever since I tried steel cut oatmeal for breakfast, I’ve been on the lookout for a ~2qt non-stick pot I could use to cook it in for the morning. Unfortunately for me, everything’s cheap & flimsy or way more than I want to spend. Much to my absolute delight and surprise, I found myself a 2 qt slow cooker…. for SEVEN BUCKS! Slow-cooked oatmeal FTW!! ^_^

I’m excited.

The dishwasher’s on and when the load’s done, I’ll be able to set the slow cooker up to cook my first batch of oatmeal in a month. SO. EXCITED.

In the meantime, I am digesting a very very tasty dindin that came about from rifling around in the deep freeze earlier in the week and having been the recipient of a spare, unopened bag of coleslaw. FISH TACO NIGHT!!

Unfortunately our normal grocery store does not carry corn tortillas, so we made do with small flour tortillas, sour cream, the last 3 pieces of battered fish, the bag of gifted coleslaw (for taco greenery) and a small green salad on the side. It was a super simple dindin that was remarkably filling and satisfying, paired with a glass of milk. The Hubbs was craving tartare sauce and ended up eating his fish taco with it. I wiped my last bite of taco in his leftover sauce and it was just not quite right for me… definitely not what I recall from last summer ^_^


Not Quite Authentic Fish Tacos

2 pieces of battered frozen fish (ours was haddock)
2 small flour tortillas
sour cream
grated cabbage

– Bake fish according to package directions.
– When fish is ready, place on top of flour tortilla, top with sour cream & handful of grated cabbage.
– Wrap fish in tortilla and nom.

(I can’t believe I just said nom.)


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