Ow…. molten butter & sugar hurt…


Like you really needed me to tell you that. :P

As we speak, I am making Fleur de Sel Toffee from the Martha Stewart website.

It’s a gift for a very wonderful friend and I do quite enjoy a little candy making during the holidays.

As I was boiling the sugar mixture, a blob of it jumped out of the pot and landed on my hand… which was resting on the counter. It hurts, so now I have battle wounds.

Molten pot of boiling sugar & butter

The house is now permeated with the smell of a pound of melted butter and sugar. The mixture is bubbling away on the stove until we hit a goodly 300F and then I will get have my way with sprinkling it all over with my $18/jar of fleur de sel all the way from Guerande France. The taste of the salt alone is fantastic… yum.

Take this as a warning: Be careful around boiling sugar — and don’t fry bacon naked. Just sayin’ ^_^

2lbs of cooling Fleur de Sel toffee



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