Lots of stuff I wanna talk about, but far too tired to write about…

I’ve had a jumble of things runing through my head over the last few days. A lot of it I’ve been wanting to write at least a little smattering about but my body is not cooperating as of late — or perhaps it’s my brain that’s being uncooperative.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… I was on the hunt for crocheted thrummed mittens. More specifically a pattern or a guideline as to how it could be incorporated into crochet. Looking high and low and everywhere in between, I came up with nothing that could satisfactorily explain to me a method in which it could be done. Lo and behold, X-months later, I’ve found me a proper pattern! Three cheers for Interweave Crochet’s Winter Issue!

Now that I have a proper instructional guide to make thrummed mittens, I think I would like to attempt it… or at least oggle the pattern and think I could accomplish it ;)

Having flipped through the Winter issue of Crochet Today! there were also a few patterns there that would be quite impressive looking if I could only get my bravery and sense of adventure up to speed with the rest of my brain: The layering cardi being the primary object of my affection.

It’s too bad that at this point anything remotely resembling warm clothing is completely out of the question for me to wear given that this waterpill is just wreaking havoc on my ability to regulate sweating and body temperature — I’m drowning!!

There was a bunch of other stuff that I wanted to write about, but most of it has left my head because of the stupid hangover I’m experiencing.. again.. as usual..


In more exciting news, though: Tonight we’re going to the German Canadian Club for dindin for their german buffet! I had a hankering for German food a couple months back but couldn’t really get around to going for whatever reason(s) at the time. I’m rather excited about it (at least… as excited as I could possibly be in a state that is requiring me to go back to bed right now).

2 thoughts on “Lots of stuff I wanna talk about, but far too tired to write about…

  1. If you do decide to make the thrummed mittens, I have oodles of dyed fleece/fiber you could pick from to make the thrums. Just sayin’ :)
    That cardi thing is PRETTY. And you do have Ms K to give you a hand if you get stuck.

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