Mucho Burrito!

So, I’ve been having this insane craving for a veggie burrito from Taco Time. I dunno why, but every now and then it creeps up on me. I’m rather ashamed of it. Needless to say, there is no TT near us (unless I wanna drive down to Northland, and even then I’m not even sure if they exist there anymore).

Cue Costco mall’s new neighbours: Montana’s, Swiss Chalet, Edo Japan, Booster Juice, Subway, California Thai(!?), Panago Pizza, Kam Lan Vietnamese Noodle House, Extreme Pita and Mucho Burrito.

Seriously. Mucho Burrito. Now say it with an accent and roll your r’s. Too much fun.

Anyhow, my original thought was that it was going to be like every other fast food chain. Surprisingly, I was proven wrong.

You get to choose your tortilla size, choose your meat & choose your salsa, fillings, dressings, etc – kinda like Subway for burritos, but warm with fresh’n’tasty fillings. They also have quesadillas, fajitas, salads, as well as hard & soft tacos. It’s just a matter of how you want your meal presented to you.

Thinking I was being oh-so-smart, I chose myself a small whole wheat tortilla: with grilled veg, shredded pork, black beans, mild salsa, guacamole (I have to have guac! It’s avocado!!) a little cheese and sour cream to take home for my lunchie. If I wanted, I suppose I could’ve also chosen to have rice in there, but I didn’t. As it was, watching the guy assemble this beast of a burrito was intimidating. Total for my burrito came to $7 +GST.

Just for curiousity’s sake, I weighed the burrito. It was just over a pound. That’s huge! In my books at least, that’s huge. The veggies were tasty, the pork was flavourful and not overly dry, the salsa wasn’t too spicey (though there is the choice from mild -> hot), a little disappointed on the dribble of guacamole & sour cream (I’m a fiend for both) but I could taste both of them when I was eating away. Only problem I had was that I was covered in juices from start to finish. There was no way of coming out of that experience in a lady-like fashion no matter how hard you try. I had pork & salsa juices all over my face, across my cheeks and even down my chin. The Hubbs had lots of laughs.

Here’s where it gets scary: I ordered a SMALL burrito. They give you the option of choosing small, medium or large. That’s cool. But did you know a large burrito, aka MUCHO BURRITO, is 14 INCHES!? That’s the size of a large pizza! Could you imagine how much filling would go into something like that? It’s obscene!

Oh and to add to the amusement of the franchise’s namesake: The mucho burrito is described as being large & in charge. FOURTEEN INCHES! That alone is like having a giant dildo ad smack dab in the middle of your menu.

I couldn’t even finish my “small” burrito – next time I order off the kids menu :P

2 thoughts on “Mucho Burrito!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Oh yes! I forgot they also have fajitas!
      Though really, it’s not all that different from a burrito in their eyes :P

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