Tired, grumpy…

And really that about sums everything up.

I’ve been up since 2am because I feel so shitty. I’ve also been in pain, but oddly enough not the “I need drugs!” type of pain. I’m really very cranky now.

Not only that but the weather is constantly changing (Chinook) and I’ve had a wretched headache for DAYS now that just won’t go away.It’s just ~there~.

My blood pressure has come up and I’m actually wondering if that’s the source of my headache — rebounding too quickly. Up to about 106/84 last night.

I had originally logged off at 6am but when I crawled back into bed the headache just kept persisting and then my stomach started really complaining so I came back and made a snack — english muffin with cheese nuked until warm and melty.

*sigh* I am really gettng fed up with feeling like utter shit with absolutely no solutions available.


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