Poor, poor Mr.T

Soo… I’ve been watching infomercials for the last few nights cuz they’re like one of those strange perverse guilty pleasures of mine that amuse me as opposed to watching reality tv like the rest of the world seems to.

In some cases it’s an interesting thing that makes my brain go, “Huh! Maybe I could actually do that.” or “Huh! Maybe I should consider doing that with the juicer I already have.” or better yet “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Some are rather fun but I’d never spend money on — The Original Magic Bullet (Sounds like a sex toy, no?)

Some are strangely addictive to watch because all you see are ripped bodies — P90X (Wow… seriously.)

Some make me laugh uncontrollably — Dr.Ho’s Double Massage System (OMG The guy never ages!)

And some make me rather intrigued and sad all at the same time — FlavorWaveTurbo Oven (That would be a fun kitchen toy to experiment with.)

Check it out:

Recognize him? Yea, you know who it is.

In fact, the name of the product on the website is called the Mr.T FlavorWave Oven.

Nifty looking kitchen toy, but rather large.. cumbersome… wickedly cool to play with if I didn’t have to pay for it, but really large… did I mention large?

…I pity the fool…


6 thoughts on “Poor, poor Mr.T

    /and yeah, I’ve always thought that the magic bullet sounds like a turbo vibrator; it doesn’t help that it sorta looks like one…
    //might I ad I’m trying sooo hard to not make a pass at you with the Double Massage System, which EQUALLY sounds like a kama sutra technique. Grr!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Yea.. I knew someone would comment on the double massage system without me having to ;D
      I really shouldn’t stay up to watch those things.. *grins*

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Yea, that’s what I was thinking myself.
      If you’re only cooking single servings, it’s probably one of the greatest things on earth. Hard not to get caught up in the nifty-ness of it all, though ;)

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