Technically this is SFW.

But to warn you, it’s a condom commercial.

Thanks to lady_amorika for that link giggle ^_^

Off to see Family Doc.

P.S.: There are also outtakes, but I didn’t feel like posting them.


2 thoughts on “BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  1. bwahahah! I love this commercial, the first time I saw it was right after I went to see Avenue Q. Brilliant!
    /oh, I friended you btw to track your posts since you’re a hoot :-) feel free to friend me back, if this isn’t cool I’ll be sure to take you off of my friends list!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Awesome, I am totally adding you to my friends list!
      Just to warn you though: my posts aren’t always that entertaining, there’s a lot of health-angst that goes on here on a semi-regular basis. Just to warn you ^_^

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