Nothing super exciting…

Just a few pics I kept meaning to upload over the last month or so but always forgot about.

They’re all pointless, in the scheme of things, but still rather amusing in their own right.

So here we go:

What you do for dindin when you’re too tired to think and there’s all that leftover stuff in the fridge — Fried Rice!

Merry Christmas Humbug from The Hubbs

We were discussing ham one night on #R! and this is what gives us the most bang for $5 (about 2 meals each).

Happy Birthday Carrot Cupcakes for The Hubbs with a dark chocolated covered dried cherry raspberry on top

A nice little cornish hen for two that lasted, again, 2 meals. It’s not burnt, it’s just the garlic I keep forgetting about.

And just to make things more interesting, .

Cornish Hen for Two

1 cornish hen or poussin, removed from the fridge and left to room temperature
olive oil
lemon pepper seasoning (no-salt added kind)
garlic, minced

* Preheat oven to 425F
* In a bowl, combine oil, lemon pepper seasoning and garlic. Set aside.
* Rinse cornish hen and pat dry.
* Very gently, create a pocket under the skin from the breast with your fingers and generously massage some of the garlic mixture over the meat.
* With the remaining garlic mixture, massage the rest of the bird and place in a 4×4″ square pan.
* Sprinkle generously with salt and tie the legs together to create a more uniform shape.
* Roast in oven 45 minutes.
* Let rest before carving. We served the poussin with mashed potatoes, stuffing and steamed chinese veg.

5 thoughts on “Nothing super exciting…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      It’s a very nice slab’o’ham… especially when it’s panfried and then I can suck out the marrow from the centre bone! :D

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