Hmmmm :/

I just talked to Kidney Nurse…

Apparently my cholesterol levels have increased slightly and they’re watching hawk-like at my triglycerides. On the whole, because I’m on steroids, I will as a baseline, have a higher cholesterol level than what is considered normal. It’s not crazy high, only slightly elevated, but with the kidney disease (of which I officially have as well, go figure), lupus & SALLY + [insert what other crud here] it makes it so they are watching EVERYTHING like a hawk.

The diabetes was one they were always super wary about along with the high BP – though that in and of itself, sans meds in my normal state, is kinda low-ish.

The fact that diabetes runs on Dad’s side of the family just makes me that much more aware and rather frustrated at how my body is coping with SALLY et al.

My body is C-O-N-F-U-S-E-D-!

Poopiness I tell you. Poopiness.

Oh… and we’re spewing protein again.. not a lot, but it is some. Bleh.

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