Questionable sammich combo…

Starvin’ Marvin!

I hate to say this, but for the last few weeks I’ve hated eating. I’ve gotten little to no pleasure out of food and it’s made me a rather sad llama.

Yesterday was probably the most trying day for The Hubbs, work-wise, and then he had to deal with me and my indecision about food. He’d suggest things and they just wouldn’t sound remotely appealing. This would go on for a good 20 minutes or so until either he got fed-up or I just randomly chose something neither of us felt excited about eating, but dealt with the food dilemma.

Last night we had chicken & bacon filled baby wontons (I don’t remember the italian name for that shape) with alfredo sauce & garlic bread. It could’ve used more sauce — The Hubbs bought only 1 small container to go with a family-sized pack of wontons, but overall it was relatively satisfying in the end.

The problem with us being small eaters is that there are always leftovers going on in this house. Works great for lunches, but afterwhile I’m sure The Hubbs gets sick of them because he’s the only one that eats lunch. (I eat lunch.. sort of…) There are currently 3 containers of leftover wontons in the fridge o_O;

After dinner last night, I wrapped the bread up in a ziplock so it wouldn’t be completely bone dry if we wanted to eat it over the next couple of days. It’s nice and soft and squidgy and holy cow I’m rather shocked at the amount of garlic butter that was used to make it! It’s a nice and tasty loaf that will be super good tomorrow night when we have Mom & Dad over for dindin — I think I will make mussels & pasta. The garlic bread with sop up all those amazing juices and then some.

Anyhow, my questionable sammich combo: a salmon sammich (canned salmon, a little mayo, garlic salt, pepper & chopped celery) made with leftover garlic bread.

It’s tasty.. but oh-so-stinky!


Tonight: GREEK!


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