The Rampant 25 things MeMe from Facebook…

I’m sure it’s been seen several times before, but since I know not everyone has an account, I figured I would post my meme here as well… if nothing else, it makes for interesting LJ post-fodder.

Play along if you like, but it’s by certainly no means manditory.


1. I have a peculiar obsession with containers. I don’t know how it started (I’m pretty willing to bet my money on it being Dad’s fault), but I get all excited when I see objects designed to hold things inside. My current obsession would be bento boxes and all the cuteness associated with it. Who wouldn’t want to open an adorably made lunch??

2. I also have a weird obsession with sushi and sushi-related items: pillows, candles, clocks, erasers, USB drives, stuffies, STAPLERS…. you get the idea.

3. I like Hello Kitty, but not as much as everyone seems to think. I can appreciate HK-related items for what they are, but I don’t necessarily have a desire to own everything HK on the planet! (Blankets, cookies & HK stuffies are always welcome, though. They make you feel good when you’re sick.)

4. My brain seems to be a magnet for single-divorced males… For some reason, these guys whom I have a fairly good friendship with, find it absolutely necessary to tell me how much they need a girlfriend or a bed buddy. Which, to be honest, doesn’t really bother me, but at the same time, my curiousity is piqued as to why they feel the need to tell me about their sex lives; be it active or not, and in some cases in rather too much detail.

5. SALLY affects me a lot more than I had ever really considered. A lot of it has to do with the embarassment with how much I can’t do and not wanting people to notice it but there’s other stuff as well…

6. I miss having a paycheque.

7. I feel useless as a human being (Re: #6)

8. Baths are the only way to go. (YAY LUSH!) Because of the sheer enormity of my bathtub, the way in which I make it is rather convoluted — throw in 3 scoops of epsom salts to a running tub, run a full tank of hot water until it runs cold, turn off the taps and wait 30 minutes for a second tank to heat, in the meantime toss in 1/2 a bathbomb, when the second tank of water is ready test the temperature of the tub and add enough cold water to make it so you can actually get into the tub without completely scalding your skin, add more water at the proper temperature if necessary. Soak until you almost pass out from sleepiness.

9. I read cookbooks. Especially big fat “conversational books”. How to Eat by Nigella Lawson is probably my favourite.

10. I am lost. (Re: #5) I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t know what makes me happy. I also seem to be inordinately obsessed with thinking about my own death and what would happen to people when that time should come. At the risk of making this a rather depressing MeMe, I will leave it at that.

11. I wish I had a “cabin in the woods” type place to go to on the weekends for a change of environment. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a cabin, nor does it have to be in the woods. I think I’m just looking for a “second home” to go to, just cuz.

12. My parents worry me: I think they are going through empty-nest syndrome. I also worry about what’s going to happen with them as they get older.

13. I like thinking about food. I like reading about food. I like looking at food. I don’t mind writing about food.

14. For the last few weeks I’ve hated eating food. (Re: #13) I’ve gotten little to no pleasure out of food and it’s made me a rather sad llama.

15. The drapes naturally don’t match the carpet. *snicker*

16. I feel more like myself with short hair. I would really like to cut my hair again. I’ve been told not to cut my hair… actually, I’ve been banned from cutting my hair. Apparently boys don’t like girls with short hair. :P

17. I often get delusions of grandeur when I’m drugged up at night from pain. Most of it involves a lot of craftiness with yarn. Some of it involves making myself “better” and by better I’m referring to eating a healthier diet and exercising on a more regular & consistent basis. Come the morning, all these good intentions have usually flown right out the window along with most of my day.

18. I hate being so tired all the time and needing to sleep. Sleeping and napping are not feel-good activities, in my books.

19. Apparently the way in which dining decisions are made in this household involves a lot of The Hubbs offering up possibilities and me thinking about (in far too much detail) whether it tastes good in my head before saying yay or nay.

20. I’m told I do this weird humming-singing thing in my sleep when I’m super tired along with snoring. That’s always lady-like :P

21. I don’t understand why people have such a distaste for the idea of a cloth menstrual pad. They come in pretty fabrics and they’re so soft and comfortable and don’t cause “diaper rash”!

22. I hate people that say to you that you can count on them for anything and to call them anytime you need to talk when it’s so clearly a blatant lie and they’re only saying it because it’s what you’re “supposed” to tell someone when they’re having difficulties in life.

23. I hate hair touching me. I especially get the heebie-jeebies when I’m in the tub or shower and my hair comes out and stays stuck on my hands or floats around the tub. So gross. (Did I mention that I would really love to cut my hair??)

24. I am super jealous that my baby bro gets the opportunity to travel as much as he does. Not with work, but more the places he decides to travel to for fun — snowboarding trips, Japan trips, Vancouver trips to visit friends, Korean trip this spring. I swear he has money coming out his ears!

25. … I still sometimes wish we could have kids …

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