Lots of random stuff…

Years upon years ago, The Hubbs & I, along with a bunch of friends were up at The Cabin for a weekend and we jetted off to check out this place called Mount Engadine Lodge to enjoy a weekend drive with the expectation of a little afternoon snack. It’s a gorgeous place with the breathtaking views, a really cozy common room and a simple dining area.

That weekend, we experienced the most incredible homemade apple streudel anyone had ever had in their entire lives. You knew it was good because as soon as everyone had their coffee and dessert in front of them, not a word was spoken for a good five minutes. NOT. A. WORD. After that one visit to the Lodge, we found out a year later that the dining room was no longer open to those people that just wanted to pop in, it was strictly a guests only venue from then on.

Until now.

I picked up the January/February issue of City Palate yesterday while I was out and about with Mom and found out in the Stockpot Stirrings Around Calgary section that Mount Engadine has once again opened up their dining room doors to drop in guests looking to go up to the Lodge, enjoy a fine meal and view the amazing array of moose which frequent their ‘backyard’. Dinner only is $32 per person plus taxes and gratuity.

In my mind, that’s a pretty sweet deal. Then I got to thinking: Valentine’s Day falls on the Family Day long weekend this year, here in Alberta. Staying a couple of nights at the lodge would be an awesome getaway — and get this (really, the way it’s always been at Mount Engadine): your stay include a full buffet breakfast, build-it-yourself lunch, afternoon tea with baked goods, and a gourmet dinner with fresh bread and homemade dessert. How incredibly awesome is that!? It totally gives you the opportunity to be free of having to decide on where to go for meals when it’s all readily accessible to you, right there!

Now here’s the hard part, for us at least, to swallow — There’s a minimum two night stay required, which on a weekend, is actually not that bad. But the price per night (not including hotel tax + GST, etc etc) is about $340-440 per night. Ouch. Like.. ouchie, ouch. That’s a good $1k once all is said and done for a two night stay o_O;

So much for that idea. *sigh*

In other un-related news — I made roast beef has for the first time at the begining of the week. I was mightily impressed by the results. It basically came about by me thinking about a conversation that was had in channel one night, long ago, about corned beef hash in a can. I’d never heard of such a creature, but apparently it’s good. I’ve been watching “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” and of course one dish that keeps coming up is corned beef hash. You can see where this is going…

Anyhow, this week I was completely short on ideas but the roast beef that was sitting in the fridge leftover from having the family over for Sunday night dindin and desperately needed to be consumed. So I tried my hand at making a hash of some sort. It was pretty simple in its execution as well as ingredients — leftover roast beef cut into small cubes, frozen hashbrowns, half an onion and seasoned with a little seasoning salt, pepper and thyme. Super simple and super satisfying when served with a big ol’ salad on the side.

It turned out that what little remained in the pan after dindin was not nearly enough for The Hubbs to have the left-leftovers for lunch the next day. Then realized I could make a slightly larger portion of hash by adding my leftover braised lamb shank & roasted lemon potatoes from our jaunt to the greek restaurant Mykonos on Saturday night. Both versions were immensely satisifying and the beef’n’lamb combo was quite enjoyable for breakfast the next morning, re-fried in the pan beside 2 sunnyside up eggs to have with toast.


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