Tonight’s attempt at dindin and an update of last night’s…

So I was right, the pork worked. It made the sauce sweeter with a lovely rich mouthfeel just from the fat in the breast bones that I dumped into the pot and left to simmer all day long. If I had gotten the sauce suggestions earlier, I would have tried the little trick of adding a smidgen of cloves or nutmeg just to add that little bit of sweetness The Hubbs was looking for. Either way, the leftovers are gone and I’m content enough with that.

This morning, I was up far too early (about 700am) and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I turned on the tv and ended up watching 30 minute meals. Tonight’s recipe was, porkchops with a marsala fig sauce. Running with that idea in my head, tonight we are going to have my fave panfried pork chops with a similar fig sauce and braised cabbage on the side with rice.

Kind of exciting but at the same time kind of low key, though the idea of me making a fig sauce to go with the pork is rather intriguing. I’m still toying with the idea in my head as to whether or not I should be brave and use the marsala wine. I probably will use wine, but I have this thought in my head niggling around that I’d like to try using port instead. I really liked the orange-maple sauce I made the other week for my pork but I have no more orange juice in the house :P

So yea. That’s dindin tonight. Kind of excited.


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