Belated update.

Wednesday was my monthly appointment with Family Doc and there wasn’t really a lot to be said, topic-wise.

Most of our discussions revolved around my ongoing issues of non-sleep, upset tummy and pain. Out of those three small topics, we’ve established that the pain is always going to be there, it’s just a matter of muscling through the different times of year where it feels better or worse.

The lack of sleep thing is also probably a reason for me feeling rather crabby, unmotivated and generally poopy all around. As much as Family Doc dislikes having to prescribe me “more drugs to offset other drugs”, it’s becoming a necessary evil to have to consider and act on. It’s by far not my favourite option. Having said that; my non-drugged-non-sleep episodes paired with my excessive mental hyperactivity when I need to take dilaudid episodes have been sort of red flagged, so we’re trying something new. Again. *sigh*

So here we are, the day after I’ve taken my first dose of Ativan, a sedative. So far, me no likies. I don’t think the doseage I took last night (0.5mg) was enough to accomplish what it was supposed to. It didn’t fully sedate me (to my knowledge). Instead of my brain running a mile a minute with all sorts of noisy thoughts, it did it at a slower and quieter pace, instead. Problem is, I don’t know if that’s a sign of it working properly or if I need to double the doseage to 1mg because I don’t feel completely rested, still. I suppose there’s only one way of really finding out and that is to try 1mg next time I need to use it. As with my other pain meds, the Ativan has a high tendency for dependence, so these tiny pills will be taken as sparingly as possible if I should deem it necessary to take. We’ll see what happens over the next six weeks.

In other drug-related news, laxative-ho! It’s pretty self-explanatory, so I shall leave it at that.

And finally — SALLY may be planning a come back tour. Things are in the tentative keep watch phase, but there are a few things that are poking their heads up giving a good wave and sitting back to watch the action. Red spots on my face appear to be more prominent, my right hand is more stiff than my left, I appear to be short on grippy fingerprints (things are becoming difficult to open because of that), there’s still that worrisome ulcer-like appearance on my fingertips and the back of my right hand feels like the skin may be stiffening up again.

Next week, appointment with Rheumy.


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