I’m rather shocked.

I realize that Las Vegas is essentially the city of sin, but now it’s the city of sloth as well?

As of late, I’ve been able to walk around with not too much trouble. Some days I can even walk around without the flutterbie stick for extended periods of time, albeit very slowly, but that generally only happens if The Hubbs has taken the car to work with all my stuff and Mom ends up dragging me out shopping for a change of scenery. Funny enough, Costco actually offers big ass shopping wheels with a cart for people that need them, but for some reason I’ve never actually borrowed one and the days I don’t have the stick I could certainly use one. Those days are pretty tough, but I somehow manage to pull through, if only barely by the end of it all.

Anyhow, as you can see it’s about 4am and I can’t sleep as usual and there was a point to all that rambling. I just realized while tossing and turning in bed that I should check to see if it would be possible to rent a mobility scooter during our stay in Vegas for a day or two. Turns out the answer is, yes. But what I stumbled across in my preliminary search, an article, offended and disgusted me. Las Vegas tourists taken for a ride on the Strip: Able-bodied tourists rent controversial scooters to get around Sin City.

It’s not those people that have “no outward appearance” of a disability that use the scooter that’s offensive; it’s those who are perfectly able-bodied that are owning up to the fact that they’re doing it because they can.

You’re renting a scooter so you can drink and drive? Isn’t that normally illegal? You’re wearing four-inch stiletto heels that kill your feet and you think that’s a good reason for a scooter? Seriously? WTF?!?

For me, I find it embarassing (and somewhat humiliating) to have to use a scooter on the odd occassion, but it does become necessary if I’m even to survive walking for long periods of time. I am not a fan of my flutterbie stick, but at least it helps with keeping me on my own two feet for as long as I can.

Doesn’t anyone have any shame anymore? The entitlement generation just boggles my mind.



3 thoughts on “Wow..

  1. I feel embarrassed using my cane. Or getting a cab to drive me the 8 blocks to class, 4 of which happen to be the biggest hill ever, in the winter. And people actually willingly rent those things so they can drink and drive? WTF?

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