I went shopping!

Well… I went “walking/exercising” with a side of lunch & shopping ^_^

Basically, I’ve been on the hunt for a dress. A few weeks back I completely purged the closet of a good chunk of clothing (3 garbage bags full) that are headed to a local charity and to be honest there might actually be a fourth on the way since I failed to purge the spare room of all the stuff hanging in that closet as well.

Anyhow, I got rid of all the stuff that didn’t fit including dresses, skirts, shirts, dress pants, and bum around clothing. I’ve just felt so ugly and fat as of late and having all these clothes in the closet that I was once able to wear but can no longer, was rather depressing. I had a full closet of clothes but nothing fit or looked good on me anymore.

Since then, The Hubbs has given me a free shopping pass to buy whatever I want (within reason!) whenever I want. Yay me.

Shopping for clothes has always been a horrible trial and even more so when we’re on a tight budget. Now that we’ve gotten to a better place financially, I can take my time looking at clothes wherever I please and not have to guilt myself into finding something on a sales rack that I’m not 110% pleased with.

So that brings us to today. I’ve been on the hunt for a dress and by golly I found myself two! At Banana Republic of all places! I only ended up buying one of them, as the other was a black sweater dress and a little out of place for spring, but goodness it was cute. It didn’t make me look or feel like I was just wearing a massive tent (aka trapeze dress) to hide my fat. I might consider going back for it if they lower the price a little more. It was such a comfy little thing. Ahh well.

Anyhow, the dress I ended up buying, I wish I could find a picture of it online. I found a pic of it! It’s certainly not something I would have imagined myself trying on. It has a very… floaty and mod-feel to it. Doing a little google-fu, it would appear that the style of dress I bought was a long sleeved shift-dress. I find this slightly odd given that you’d think that this style in particular would be like wearing a shapeless tent, but it wasn’t! I think it looked rather cute :D

So yea. I found a dress, had a little lunch with Mom & got a Canadian Colada Booster Juice on the way home to soothe my throat. Not a bad Friday, overall.


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