I’m totally freaking exhausted and I h-u-r-t-!

My shoulder is just killing me and The Hubbs is down with The Plague(tm). His sinuses are blocked up, his head hurts and feels like it’s going to assplode, his ears hurt and good lord his cough sounds hideous… his chest is all blarghy. It’s really gross to hear. I hope I don’t get whatever he’s got.

Poor boy. Anywho…

These last two days have been ridiculously tiring.

Saw Kidney Guy & Nurse Sandra today. I’m on Altace again for the heart/kidney/blood vessel protection and to some degree blood pressure.

As to the whole hideous sweating I’m still dealing with, there is a possibility that we’ve got a Diabetes issue now. It’s kind of an uncommon symptom, but even though the urine tests are showing no signs of it at a glance, we need to do bloodwork to test for definite sure. The next round of bloodwork and every future trip to the lab will now include testing my sugars. If I had to start daily testing of blood sugars, it would be an ultimate low for me and I would be miserable as all fuck. :(

I had to call Nurse Sandra back this afternoon to double-double check to see if it was okay to be taking the Altace, it turns out there’s drug interactions when paired with the Imuran. It causes a decrease in the production of blood levels in the body. Who knew? I also forgot to mention to her this morning that I’ve been bruising really easily the last few weeks. She said that my hemoglobin levels are actually doing quite awesome, so that is now once again prompting yet another round of extra bloodwork to figure out what’s going on. She emailed me the add-on requisition to take with me at the end of the month that’s going to be checking for coagulation :P

Other than that, it would appear that my normal state of being involves regular fluctuation in all my labwork — they’re keeping an eye specifically on my heart enzymes because now they’re worried about the startings of congestive heart failure -_- Really… WTF?!


In other far more cheerful news — I went shopping with Mom again. I’ve noticed that the walking is not helping the pain in my quads and hips. After my appointment we went for breakky at McD’s and then walked around Northland for an hour and some then headed over to Co-Op to get some groceries and fill my prescription.

I finally found the pillow I’ve been searching high and low for! I got one of those buckwheat filled pillows and holy cow did I have a great nap. For the year or so, I’ve been constantly switching between pillows at night and even to the point that I’ve been using my magic bag as a pillow because it’s been the most comfortable. I am rather embarassed that I had to go to an “As Seen on TV!” store, but it was only $20 as opposed to $40 or more. It was actually kind of fun being in the store because I got to see all those infomercial products up close and personal. I so should not be allowed in that store. They had ShamWoW! if anyone’s interested ^_-

As for the grocery store excursion, I get far too much enjoyment out of those trips. I picked up a small little container of tzatziki that I absolutely love from Liberte in Quebec. This stuff is so incredibly thick it’s almost like cream cheese or butter and so tasty with just a pita bread. Needless to say, I’m going to be gorging on that for the next week or so and not want to see the stuff again for a few months.

I’ve had a hankering to bake again, mostly bread as opposed to anything else. On Saturday I had the best homemade sourdough bread ever and it’s kind of funny because I’ve been thinking of trying my hand at making sourdough before I even knew that R & J had taken on the hobby themselves.

Because Mom was with me, she insisted that I buy the 10 kilo bag of unbleached all purpose flour. Why? Because there was no unbleached a.p. flour in any other size. -_-; I haven’t used a 10 kg bag of flour within a reasonable amount of time since before I got sick! I also bought a small bag of 100% whole wheat flour from a local company who’s name totally escapes me right now. The logic of that purchase was that I wanted to make a sourdough starter with the least amount of processed ingredients as possible to increase the chances of having all the good yeasties come and feast on all the natural yumminess.

I’m hoping to get back into making hot cross buns again for Easter (though not necessarily specifically or because of Easter) because they’re so freaking tasty when homemade. I have a serious dislike for store-bought hot cross buns, they’re super eww in my opinion. As an alternative to traditional hot cross buns, I came across a recipe for Cranberry Bread. It looks almost exactly like hot cross buns only it’s a quickbread! Reading the ingredients, I think I might doctor the recipe to include the traditional cinnamon, cloves, allspice & nutmeg. We’ll see what happens.

So yea, that’s been my day in a nutshell. I think I’m done with appointments for the rest of the month until the first week of April, then it’ll be a gong show again: three appointments all in a row.

2 thoughts on “Bleh…

  1. I loves me some “as seen on tv” ;) G hates the shamwow guy so much, he can’t leave the tv on the commercials.
    Mmm bread. I am feeling so lazy of late, there is no bread being made by me. I have trouble motivating myself to make instant oatmeal ;)

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Hehehe the ShamWoW guy is awful — but not nearly as bad as seeing poor Mr.T advertise the FlavorWave Turbo!
      All my plans for baking today went down the toilet — I had to bring The Hubbs to the doctor. He haz The Plague(tm) badly :P

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