Stuff I’ve been making…

I’ve been feeling less than moved to write stuff as of late because it seems like anything I want to say involves a lot of thinking about my pain and not wanting to take my drugs.

So, this is my week’s review of stuff I’ve been cooking and stuff I have plans on making in the near future — cuz for the most part, that’s not depressing.

Irish Soda Bread: Last Sunday was just a weird day overall. I was wanting scrambled eggs and I wanted a good bread to go with it. I’d never made irish soda bread before, but it was a quick bread recipe and apparently it was a good time to make it seeing as we had just celebrated St.Paddy’s Day, a little early, the night before with friends and I was still feeling somewhat ambitious that morning. (We also sort of celebrated Pi Day by making mention of it since it really was too early for St.Paddy) The recipe came out of The River Cottage Family Cookbook (see link in future endeavours, below).

Scrambled Eggs: I got all gung ho about the bread baking and set myself to making scrambled eggs à la Gordon Ramsay. Funny enough, I forgot that I don’t actually like scrambled eggs. It’s my least favourite way of eating eggs. The taste makes me gaggy. My favourite way is sunnside up with runny yolks, salted & peppered, plopped facedown on un-cut buttered toast. For those of you who have not seen the clip, feast your eyes on it now.

Bacon-wrapped sole: I still had some super thinly sliced, double-smoked bacon in the fridge lookin’ all lonesome and forlorn from a few weeks back. A girl can only eat so much bacon before getting tired of seeing it. (Yes, bacon-lovers, it’s true.) Because my fish fillets were so thin, using a regular or thick-sliced bacon would completely overwhelm the fish. That and it would take the bacon forever to crisp nicely while the fish would end up completely dried out and blech. The fish fillets were thawed and then generously seasoned (read: buried) in lemon pepper, then wrapped in 2-3 slices of the super thin slices of bacon before dropped into a hot pan. Cook for about 5 minutes per side and serve with mashed potatoes & kale or mashed potatoes and creamed corn.

Meatloaf: Made last Tuesday after being out and about with Mom to see Kidney Guy. Since it’s just two of us (and we are now stupidly small eaters), I used just shy of 1lb of ground beef, 1 can of tomato paste, 1 egg, about 1 cup of panko, a big ol’ spoonful of minced garlic, a generous shake of dehydrated onion flakes, a rather random amount of shaking of the MrsDash bottle, a little bit of seasoning salt and a lot of ground pepper. Mashed it all about in the bowl (subsequently freezing my fingers to death!) and ploppled it in a semi-roundish-loaf shape onto a lined cookie sheet to bake for 1 hour @ 350F. Served with leftover mashed potatoes and leftover creamed corn. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as satisfying as MIL’s meatloaf.

Garlicky Kale: You knew it had to come up eventually ^_^ Wash well 1 bunch of kale, strip the leaves from the stalk and set leaves aside to drain. Mom insists on cutting up and cooking the stalk as well as the leaves, but I find it far too woody for my tastes, so I discard it. In a large frying pan over medium heat, pour in some olive oil and add big spoonful of minced garlic (why yes, I have a large bottle of garlic that I’ve been trying to use up, how did you guess?) and season lightly with salt. While the oil heats, take the leaves and individually swipe them through the olive oil & garlic mixture before leaving in the pan. Once all the leaves have been added to the pan, stir them around a little to evenly coat then add a bit of water to the pan and cover. Leave to cook until the kale is your desired doneness. I like my leaves soft but still kind of chewy, if that makes any sense.

Super Easy Coffee Cake: I’m still likin’ it. The Hubbs is enjoying it muchly, warmed up in the microwave and served witih vanilla ice cream. Original post is here.

Trashy Meatloaf Hash: Yeah, I said it. I’d been trying to figure out what to do with the darn leftover meatloaf sitting in the fridge. Like I said, we’re small eaters and we had half the meatloaf remaining. I also had 1 1/2 baked potatoes hanging about from Saturday’s non-dinner-dinner. Quite simply, I cubed up the baked potatoes and cubed up the meatloaf then dumped it all into the frying pan over medium heat. Btw, since when did potatoes come in XXL size!? This thing was like a brick of butter it was so heavy! To the meat & potatoes mixture I dumped in, much to my sleep-deprived brain’s horror, a large glob of mayonnaise and an unending squeeze (possibly done three times) of ketchup. Yes, rly. Once everything was stirred up and evenly coated, I let it hang out in the frying pan to warm through as I rifled through all the spices and seasonings I own. I think I added a little bit of garlic (no surprise), I know I went a little crazy with the MrsDash again and I believe I also shook in some Chile Con Limon seasoning mix for fruits & veggies just for some heat. In my pain-riddled & sleep-deprived state, my only thought at the time was perhaps I could make it taste like a potato salad minus the hardboiled eggs, dill pickles & green onions. UHmmm… yea. It was alright. I’m so thoroughly embarassed at what I did, but it was a hot meal that used up leftovers and that’s all that really mattered to me. It sorta kinda worked, I guess.

I think that pretty much summed up last week.

Dindin tonight is going to be Crazy Pineapple Chicken: Slice 1/2 a large-ish onion and put some on the bottom of the crock. Top with 4 boneless skinless chicken thighs, 1/3 of a bottle of organic ketchup (that tastes like BBQ sauce but not), a bunch of frozen cubes of crushed pineapple, some garlic, the last of the sliced onions, and a little more ketchup (whatever’s not still frozen in the bottle). Add some water to the bottom of the crock and add in a few glugs of soysauce, a few whole black peppercorns and a couple of bayleaves. Cook until done. I’m hoping will taste alright. This whole boneless-skinless chicken parts thing is so not working for me. Thank god this is the last of it in my freezer. Plans are to serve with rice, no idea on the veg front.

A few projects that I have in my head that I really want to give a go in the next while — Burnt Caramel Dark Chocolate Coins with Sea Salt, Cranberry bread turned “Quick Cross Bun Loaf“, Sour Dough Bread from The River Cottage Family Cookbook, and finally Maple Creams.


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