I got a whopping 4.5 hours of sleep :P

Sooo… Hawt Doc called this morning.

He was going through his patients and there might be an opportunity for me to take part in some testing/clinical trials or whatever you wanna call it.

It’s for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension and there’s a SALLY category that they’re testing since something like 25-30% of SALLY patients end up with PAH, he thought I might be interested in participating… no drugs/tx, it’s just testing and research information. He doesn’t think I will fall in that category as it appears it’s only the scarring I have to deal with (kind of a lesser of two evils, perhaps??).

The basic background is that they want to see if there are any tests in particular that might help in early PAH prediction or identification in patients. The testing itself doesn’t sound overly exciting from what I’m currently doing anyhow — a different kind of echo, more specific blood tests and one test that does sound rather un-fun but whatever, involves inserting a needle in a vein to the heart to measure pressure of some sort :P

I’m certainly not obliged to take part, but he thought I might be interested and obviously there is absolutely zero pressure for or against me doing it. I told him I was interested, but as the ever cautious Hawt Doc that he is, he said that he’d get the research nurses to give me a call to set up an appointment to explain everything in more detail, see if I was a candidate for the whole thing to begin with and if I want bring in any family members to discuss the whole thing. I’m pretty sure he was referring to Mom with the last comment ;)

As much as I hate doing tests all the time, I’m ok with the idea of doing if it might help someone down the line.


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