*gurgle gurgle gurgle*

I am braindead.

This morning at 745 was my revisit for the Balance Testing.

It sucked ass.

Not only did the machine fail ~again~, this time while it was warming up and “calibrating”, but I also had to go through the viscious facial scrubbing to have electrodes applied before realizing the machine wasn’t working. As an aside — to kill time while the machine was supposedly warming up, I was left to my own devices with mom in the room. I took a couple of cell phone pics of myself all wired up and sent them off to grar and pockypimp just for fun.

In Pockypimp’s words, “You had that “do not probe me” look on your face.”

In the end I had to wear poorly fitting goggles over my face with a facecloth shoved underneath to block out light and get my eardrum scalded by 44C water, which the tech “claims” is “hot” but bearable. My opinion is that if it feels too hot for me to wash my hands with, flushing my eardrum with said water is probably a bad idea.

Anyhow, we did the testing and as usual my body gave completely different results from my left & right sides with both hot and cold water.

So in the end, what did we learn from this whole experience? I have “slight positional vertigo”. Also known as “you get dizzy when you change position”. Really. You don’t say? My left ear is slightly weaker than the right, possibly caused by some damage to the ear drum. Wow, brilliant. I am a rather grumpy girl right now.

After the testing, I got dragged about because my mother couldn’t be bothered to learn how to program telephone numbers into her damn cellphone.

Every monday, Mom goes walking with a friend from about 930am-1130/noon-ish. Give or take, minus long weekends, etc etc.

After realizing she couldn’t remember the woman’s number, we whipped over to McD’s drive-thru and picked up some breakky and drove all the way back to the park where they meet to go walking. My 12 hour fast breaker was a sausage’n’egg McMuffin with hashbrown & large orange juice. Yay me.

Anyhow, after polite conversation, blah blah blah, I felt better and not dizzy anymore but I still couldn’t hear out my right ear. It was decided that I would take the Smart car home so I could go and sleep and Mom’s friend would take her back after their walk so she could see the new fishies.

Turns out I didn’t end up coming straight home anyways. My brain started churning and then I realized what happened during the conversation — it meant that I had to run to Mom & Dad’s and do a speedy clean of the kitchen and family room as best as possible before they were finished their walk so Mom wouldn’t be totally embarassed by the state of the house.

Way to go for being a good daughter ¬_¬

So all in all, after the testing I eventually came home and crashed from 11am til about 5pm.

Of course, in order for Mom to get the car back, we sort of agreed that when she picked Dad up after work at the station, she could drive the Piggy and then whip by my house on their way home to get the Smart car. Apparently that didn’t happen. When I came downstairs to the kitchen after my nap, I found a tea towel-wrapped package on the kitchen table. My brain was rather confused, so I walked through the kitchen and saw on the telephone desk the little blue census message that I had purposefully left in the front door when we left this morning (brain was still confused), went to the mudroom and noticed that the Smart key was gone off the dryer and when I opened the garage door the car was gone. I figured by that point I had my parents coming by while I was sleeping and they just slipped in and out without my notice.

Turns out Mom & her friend had a little lunch at the house, then she dropped Mom off here to pick up the Smart car. In the process, Mom brought me the leftovers from their lunch, a funny little bunch of chewy korean rice rolls that my parents bought over the weekend.

So yea. That was my day.

One day down, two more to go.

2 thoughts on “*gurgle gurgle gurgle*

  1. So the next time they put not-fitting goggles on you, in your best/worst Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, say
    Simpson’s reference if you dont’ know it :)

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Yea, it was pretty sad to see.
      Though at the same time, I think my mother was hugely disturbed at seeing my eyes spinning around uncontrollably on the monitor when my ears got flushed with water.

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