Mom got a call last night from her niece saying that Gramma wasn’t doing so well.
She’s not eating, she’s sleeping a lot, not really talking to anyone, etc etc…
They had her in a wheelchair, blah blah blah.

Turns out:
a) Gramma’s still fighting with people and smacking them around with her cane (hehehe) so they took that away and gave her a walker
b) Now she’s no longer walking at all so they put her in a wheelchair
c) The head nurse went on holidays and when she came back, a lot of patients got sick from a bug that hitched a ride from her vacation spot.

So Gramma’s been on some antibiotics (hence the sleeping, not eating, etc) and is now finished them, but of course being in the hospital/nursing home/choose your term, she doesn’t get properly fed if she doesn’t feed herself. They have people there that sorta-kina feed her, but they give her a few spoonfuls of rice or whatever and then they have to run off and do other stuff (like feed the next person or do something entirely different). It’s not like she gets all that much nutrition out of the stuff they’re fed anyhow — a little bit of rice, some soft stew-like stuff so it’s easy for people with no teeth (like gramma) to eat, some soft veg perhaps & some soup/broth. At least when we were there last summer for the short time we visited, mom made sure Gramma ate (she fed her, herself) and would sometimes bring her goodies from Chinatown (yay for high sodium! :D ) and stuff like that. As much as we have family in MTL, none of them live in the city proper, they all live in Lasalle for the most part and it’s a good hour commute by bus & metro, plus they all work. Mom’s sister doesn’t work anymore, but she’s recouperating from her 2nd knee surgery and her husband, who is VERY mobile, still works a few days a week in the restaurant. Everyone else works, of course. We won’t discuss the Uncle who just moved back from china and his irresponsibilities¬_¬ ( I probably will, just sayin’)

Anyhow, we didn’t know most of the details last night and mom called the hospital today to talk to the nurse and that’s what’s been up. Mom’s reserving her decision to go back until she talks to her sister, BIL & brother when they visit Gramma this afternoon. For the most part, Mom doesn’t really want to go, she’s not feeling great and it’s $$ (but there’s a seat sale on right now!) and she kind of just doesn’t want to have to go, period. Gramma’s 100th (gov’t/immigration) birthday is this summer and the big Queen/Prime Minister/Provincial party is happening, so mom was originally contemplating going then, but then all this junk just happened.


(Oh and just because everything has to be somewhat about ~me~ *snort* Last week, I came down with two of the ugliest cold sores known to man. Seriously, I haven’t had this happen since junior high!)


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