Lots of backlogged stuff and really stupid songs in my head.

o/~ Llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, llama, BATMAN! BATMAN! ~\o

o/~ Llamaman, Llamaman, does whatever a llama can. Spits a web, any size, catches thieves just like flies. Look Out! Here comes the Llamaman. ~\o

Ya. Srsly.

For whatever reason, those were the two things running through my head from 4am (the time I went to bed) until about 1130 this morning when I dragged my sorry ass out of bed.

But that’s neither here nor there.

This may be a long post, so my apologies as always, to the #Planet.

So. Mom left for Montreal last night and won’t be back for 9 days.

She arrived this morning at 7am local time and waited til about 1000am Calgary time to call Dad to tell him she got in okay. By that time it was around noon in Montreal and she had already gone to her sister’s place to drop off her things and been to see Gramma at the nursing home.

Whilst checking up on things, Mom found out that Gramma fell about a week or two ago (I’m totally blanking on the date) and bumped her head. She noticed the lump and was just informed of the fall this morning. Gramma’s rather disoriented and can’t get down to the dining room on her own to feed herself. The fall explains why she’s not walking easily on her own or eating, it’s not just from the originally presumed bug she caught. The lump would’ve had to be the size of an egg if it was still there!

So last thing Dad told me was that Mom was headed back to Chinatown to go and spend dinner with her and make sure she’s properly fed :/ I’m imagining that Mom’s feeling rather upset about this whole thing and is starting to seriously consider what to do with Gramma. We had this discussion on Thursday night at Family Dindin and realistically there’s not a lot that can be done in terms of her care by Mom, being all the way in Calgary. Mom can’t bring her back here because she’s far too frail for that sort of trip anymore and like I mentioned in my first entry about all of this, the family we do have in Montreal is doing as much as they can, but everyday life sort of becomes an obstacle.

…Speaking of Dad…

I am not quite sure how I feel about him being left to his own devices for a week.

Baby Bro is still on his SE Asia trip and won’t be back til next Sunday and now Mom’s left and won’t be back til two days after Baby Bro. It’s not that I feel he’s incapable of taking care of himself, per se. I’m just incredibly worried that he’s going to be… well… lonely. We had this discussion last night and he seemed rather okay with the idea of being on his own. The Hubbs has a feeling he’s going to take advantage of the time to do whatever he pleases, which is good, but it might also mean really late nights playing computer games and eating nothing but ichiban. Seriously ^_^ To be honest, he sounded sort of kind of pleased by the idea of fending for himself and eating instant noodles all week. He wasn’t even terribly enthusiastic about having to do family dindin at our place here next Thursday. In the end we opted for a “I’ll call you if I get hungry” rule.

But like I said, I’m kind of more worried about him being lonely than starving to death on instant noodles for a week. When I spoke to him he sounded both tired and a little bit lost. Being that it’s Easter Sunday, a lot of places aren’t open for the holiday. My parents’ typical Sunday ritual involves breakky at McD’s (yes, really) and then wander around window shopping for a few hours or a trip to T&T Market to pick up groceries for the week. Dad had nowhere to go and so had his breakky then went home.

Since it’s Easter (keeping in mind I have zero warm fuzzy feelings or memories of this holiday), I figured we’d have a ham steak for dindin just so we could finish up the leftover mashed potatoes, mac’n’cheese and creamed corn sitting in the fridge. So I called him after we’d done our few errands this morning to see if he wanted to join us tonight and it turns out, I think interrupted him doing something. I assume he finally got onto his computer and was engrossed in his current game of the month. Anyways, to make a long story short, he’s okay by himself today and will call us if he wants to join us.

Now having said all that, The Hubbs & I are going to Banff next Saturday for the long awaited trip to The Grizzly House. Even just this morning I was still having reservations about whether or not we should go just because I feel rather confused about Dad being on his own with no one else at home with him except for the fish. Checking my emails this morning, reservations have been made, but there’s no mention of it being an all-weekend event, o I’m feeling a little more comfortable with the idea of going out for dinner knowing that my whole weekend won’t be spent away.

So in the end, I guess the big question is this: Is this what I have to look forward to worrying about when my parents get older? Loneliness and their abilities to cope by themselves? Urgh.


Topic #2: Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. As a certain someone said that amused me greatly, “Some historic dude died! Party on! Chocolate & bunnies for all!”

My family doesn’t do Easter. We especially don’t do the chocolate bun thing, never have. Oh wait, maybe there was one time I got a bunny, but I’m pretty sure it was just the one time. Mom used to buy like 2 small nets of those uber cheap chocolate eggs (do they even sell those anymore??) and would “hide” them around the main floor of the house in threes and that would be what we got… Easter is just not our thing.

Between The Hubbs & myself, on the other hand, we loved Easter when Hallmark & Laura Secord ~used~ to be one store, combined. Cuz then we’d hit up the store the day after Easter for chocolates @ 75% off or something stupid like that. We only did that for 2-3 years when we were first dating. Unfortunately the Hallmark/LS combo is no more :( It was a cool store, but at the same time, it gave The Hubbs instant access to large quantities of sugar at the end of the holidays ;) I just liked checking out to see how cheaply we could get expensive chocolate for ^_^;;

Anyhow, it would appear that The Hubbs has had his fill of Cadbury Mini Eggs to the extreme and wants nothing to do with them for the rest of the year. I’ve found about 5 empty tubes all over the house which were once filled with eggs. None of which I helped consume. I’ve eaten 1/2 a snack pack size of the dark eggs and haven’t touched them since. Some things just weren’t meant to be made in dark chocolate. Blech.

Having said that, I got probably the most awesome “Easter present” I’ve ever received in my entire life:



I dunno what it’s like, I’ve yet to crack open the box. I’ll probably do it after I’ve finished with this rather overly long-winded update.

Wow… This is getting long…

Uhm… just quick tidbits about my appointments with Family Doc & GI Guy:

Family Doc — Did get to spend as much time as usual with him on Wednesday because things got a little hairy in the office. Basically I got all the important stuff done that needed to be ready for the trip to Las Bacon. My meds have been refilled and I have a doctor’s note to hopefully cover my ass should U.S. Customs have issues with the rather obscenely large narcotics collection that will be accompanying me to the States. Because there was so little time with him, I quickly just highlighted what’d been going on for the last 6 weeks with him and went on my merry way, but not before I asked him one question. I’ve already had this conversation in the channel with a lot of you, but I mentioned to Family Doc about the possibility of partipating in the research project that Hawt Doc presented me with the other week. I asked him what his opinion was on the whole thing after a brief explanation with what little information I was given.

Seeing as Family Doc is coming from a more research-sided slant, on the one hand he was rather encouraging of the idea because if people don’t volunteer, medicine doesn’t have a chance to advance. On the other hand, given my condition with SALLY there were big red flags being waved in his mind as well with the prospect of me doing unnecessary (invasive!) elective surgery — an angiogram. Basically it’s still my decision. He’s not familiar with the risk statistics on angiograms and said he’d look into it and we’ll talk about it next time I see him, the week after Las Bacon. In the meantime, wait til I see the Research Nurses and ask them lots and lots of questions, he said.

GI Guy — Uhm… still not much to say on his part. He’s more or less pleased with the treatment that Family Doc has gone ahead and prescribed (Prevacid in AM & PM + Zantac in PM). Only minor change he made was to take the Zantac 5 nights a week, then give my system 2 days off from it. Turns out Zantac is one of those drugs that you can develop a tolerance to and he doesn’t want that to happen anytime soon. Other than that, I should stick with using the Domperidone as needed, which I’ve revisited for the last two weeks.

I forgot to post the review and recipe for Pioneer Woman’s Creamy Macaroni & Cheese recipe. Damn it was good. I’d forgotten how satisfying homemade mac’n’cheese was. It was one of the first recipes I learned how to cook in my high school Food Studies class that my brothers absolutely loved. I vaguely recall using way in excess of the two cups of cheese that recipe called for because I always made one of them grate cheese and they would devour the whole recipe in one sitting. Good times, I tell you and good memories.

So yea, that’s been the week in a rather large ostrich egg.

Happy Chocorate Bunbun Day ^_^


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