Gardening Mama…



I can’t remember the last time I played a game on the DS until: A) The battery needed recharging or B) My arms went completely numb.

Super duper fun and I would even venture to suggest that it’s far more addictive than Cooking Mama ever was. You can even win presents to customize the game! And by customizing, I am referring to making the “landscape” prettier, changing the colours of objects, changing Mama’s clothing, etc…

Having spent so much time and a ridiculous amount of money on this game ($40!), I came to the realization that it was time to check out the DS-ROMS available to me for download. So last night, while I was up having a late night snack, I downloaded… and downloaded… and downloaded. Fourteen games to be exact:

Asterix Brain Trainer, My Chinese Coach, Spore Creatures, Ankh – Curse of the Scarab King, Dropcast, Crazy Machines, My Japanese Coach, Travel Games for Dummies (really), Zenses Ocean, Rune Factory 2 – A Fantasy Harvest, Iron Chef America – Supreme Cuisine, Hello Kitty Daily, Sushi Academy.

I took a quick peak at a few of them right before bed and I’m rather pleased at my choices. I forgot to delete a couple of the older games I had on the ROM that I just don’t play but overall I’m rather amused at my new selection.

So my one recommendation shall be thus: BUY GARDENING MAMA! She’ll make things all better…

If nothing else, she’ll make me forget that we’ve been had, yet again. It’s snowing. Again. Damn snow.


13 thoughts on “Gardening Mama…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      DO IT!!!!
      I liked Cooking Mama well enough, but GARDENING MAMA!?
      TOO much fun, I swear :D
      They did a fab job of it.

    2. TeaseMeGirl

      Oh yea.. and I understand your pain when you mention Harvest moon… imagine this being way more addictive than that, even ^_^
      Good luck! :D

  1. here’s why I can’t play Harvest Moon anymore…
    -realized I needed to stop playing at 3:30AM because I’ve been planting and crossbreeding tomatoes for 4 hours straight…
    -knowing that whenever it rained it saved me about two hours of gametime to water my crops and I could go fishing …
    -picking ridiculous amounts of flowers for sale or courting women and knowing exactly which seasons they grew in…
    -hoarding golden eggs to see what kind of awesome dishes I could make with them…
    -getting pissed whenever my cows would stop producing really good milk for high grade butter and cheese…
    -always almost breaking down into tears whenever I’d have to sell those damned cows after they stopped producing milk…

      1. damn why aren’t you local! that sounds like an awesome way to get snuggly and then pass out in a food coma!
        …though I’m pretty sure you’d be swooning over the whiskey and coke short ribs I braised the other day or the marrow bones I roasted last weekend :-)
        /despite the massive thrombosis both dishes produced, they were beefy heaven!

      2. TeaseMeGirl

        OMG.. you said beef marrow bones! *swoon!!*
        I got all excited last night when I had the ~tiny~ nubbin’ of marrow from a ham steak I cooked for dindin, if that tells you how I feel about wonderful such as that!
        Unfortunately for me, my body doesn’t process alcohol… but in the case of shortribs, I am 120% willing to endure 2 days of pain and suffering afterwards.
        Whiskey & coke, eh? I am rather intrigued as to what that would taste like. When I make shortribs, I do it with a full bottle of red wine ^_^;

      3. heh…so the whiskey and coke turned out wonderfully; for starts since I braised those badboys for like 4 hours, a good portion of the alcohol cooked off, dare I say most of it cooked off since I couldn’t taste it. The flavors were verrrry rich; sweet from the coke, smokey from the whiskey (Which I can only assume was from the finish from whatever barrels they aged the whiskey in), but distinctive from like chinese braised flavors or honey glazes. I’ll be posting my results as soon as I can find my fracking data cable for my digi-cam…
        The marrow bones was an entirely cool experience from start to finish! For starts, it involved a bit of legwork considering most every butcher shop in Saint Louis pitches their femur bones or processes them for dog chews or for soup stock, while veal marrow bones are seemingly impossible to find since every butcher seems to be content just keeping them as part of their cut for lamb shanks…
        I did find one place that kept their femur bones, which ranged in size from Big to Fred Flinstone massive, so it became this timing challenge of availability, whether or not they had them, and whether or not they had sizes that I could work with…
        I finally did get some that were reasonably sized, where they cut them into 3 center cuts (it may be a butchers union thing here in the states, but that’s the smallest they’d cut them down) and the two joints at the ends (so five pieces total, though the joints were useless for my needs); two bones weighed in at five pounds with six decent sized center cuts for a whooole lotta marrowy love…
        cooking them were ridiculously easy: throw them in the oven at 450 degrees and roast for about 30 minutes until you see the marrow come away from the bone (but not too long otherwise it all melts). I served them with salt and pepper, a bottle of red wine, and crusty french bread, scooping a bit out to be spread and seasoned with a few flakes of salt.
        REALLY OMG YUMMY RICH, even with the red wine to clear the palate. Of those six bones, I had ONE of them; good thing they freeze well for later marrow goodness!

      4. TeaseMeGirl

        Of the marrow bones: Wow. Just. Wow. You are so very much my hero and then some ^_^ Here in Calgary, I’ve been easily able to spot marrow bones more often than not in our local asian market, so I’m not too concerned, that and I’m about 90% sure I’ve also seen them hangin’ out at our local grocery store.
        I would love to be able to just do as you did, but I don’t know that The Hubbs would find nearly the same enjoyment out of the experience as I would… and as much as my parents would join me, there’s this whole need for it to be Chinese thing with them ^_- (at least in Mom’s case, Dad’s far more “epicuriously” inclined)
        The thing with alcohol, for me at least, is even though it simmers away for hours and hours on end, there’s something that does not agree with my body. I’ve had ridiculously long simmered ragu bolognese hang out for 4+ hours and still felt the after effects the next day and then some. Like I said, if I’m going to make myself feel crappy over food, you better believe it will be DAMN WORTH IT! (No crappy pasta sauces for this girlie!)

      5. of the alcohol, that’s completely understandable; unless you’re working some sort of distillation technique there’s no way to get rid of 100% of the alcohol, which I can understand from reading some of your medical posts, accounts for you sensitivity to any amounts of alcohol, even trace amounts. Without distillation, at 4 hours if I remember right it’s only something like 70% of the alcohol that gets vaporized.
        And don’t worry about the rents or the hubbie, feel free to cook anything for me :-D
        /though I believe I found an aromatic recipe for leek wrapped marrow cooked in white wine by Martha Stewart a long time ago; I want to believe something similar can be done with like ginger and onions a’la dim sum ginger tripe. I might make that my next experiment :-)

      6. TeaseMeGirl

        Oh god.. I love tripe.. *drool*
        But that’s another story ;D
        A ginger & onion combo with the marrow would be really awesome, now that you mention it. It would balance the richness of the marrow out quite nicely. Kind of like when you get a Chinese steamed chicken and they give you a salt-ginger-green onion dipping sauce (that stuff is very much crack, I might add) Yum.

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