Awwww… my poor Darling.

Email he sent this morning:

Nothing is sacred anymore

Ya ya…. I’m listening to the radio this morning and finding myself endlessly surprised at the need to for today’s youth to anxtify, funk out, classic music. In a period of 45 min I heard a remake of Roxette’s “Listen to your heart”, Maxie Priest’s “Wide World”, Dead or Alive’s “Spin me Round” and to top it off Toto’s “Africa”. How on earth can someone funkify Africa????? I didn’t know whether to laugh or sit in a state of shocked disgust as they rapped throughout the song. The sad thing is that kid’s today will never realize that it is a remake of a very good song…. And that the original was much better.

Yes I’m getting old, but it is sad how much the “pop” music industry is relying on remakes of old songs rather than having enough creativity to make a new classic songs.

As a side note…… the Roxette remake was not so bad, but definitely not as good as the original.

From your aging hubby. :P


Any opinions on the state of today’s music on the radio?

I don’t listen at all, so I have no opinion.


3 thoughts on “Awwww… my poor Darling.

  1. I think there is a lot of good music coming out right now on the rock scene. I’ve been really enjoying Kings Of Leon, Death Cab For Cutie, Carolina Liar, Radiohead…I could go on. But yeah, the bad shit is coming from the hip hop side of things. There is so little originality to begin with, but for the most part, all the new stuff I hear on the hip hop stations is complete and utter SHIT. They sample stuff that shouldn’t be sampled and it pisses me off, especially when I hear old school hip hop and hear what rap *should* be.
    I’m right there with Mark.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      The Hubbs says:
      For me, hearing Africa turned into a funk rap song is about the same as having a Beetles song played with a dance beat and rap….. at some point you just start to wonder how desperate the music industry is……

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