Okay, so it’s 300am.

I am not pleased to be up at this hour.

I figured I was doing good having had a nice hot bubble bath tonight and then crawling into bed to relax.

Then I started a new project — I made The Hubbs a nice ribbed sleeve for his new iPod Touch so it wouldn’t get all bounced around in his backpack. It was a super easy & quick project that I’m rather pleased with, given I was just laying in bed with the cats and semi-watching tv. Turns out Crank was on ^_^ I made it out of the Bernat Bamboo that was gifted to me for my birthday last year and used probably about 2/3 of the skein. It’s a nice soft, stretchy and horizontally ribby sleeve in beige.

After having whipped that little project up in about three hours from start to finish including seaming up the sides, I kind of wish I could make another one for The Hubbs’ little niece that was transplanted down to the states two weeks ago. She was given a neighbourhood kid’s old Gameboy just before Christmas and I was lying in bed thinking that I wish I had made her a purple sleeve (her favourite colour) to go with the extra stylus-es(styli?!?) we gave her that I had no use for as a going away present.

Anyhow. It felt good to get a little bit of my crochet mojo back. It wasn’t a terribly exciting project, but it was satifying enough to just feel the hook do its thing with the yarn slipping through my fingers.

So, given that I’m up at an ungodly hour, yet again, I’ve been doing some perusing around on some stuff and came across a board that is discussing… how shall we call this… “personal moisturizers”, for those of you at work. Anyhow, the current discussion I’m reading about is how some patients’ doctors recommend, as a cheap alternative to Replens, the use of Crisco. Obviously a brand spankin’ new and unopened can of the stuff, but still. CRISCO. I’m kind of… amused and intrigued and somewhat repulsed all at the same time. At the risk of sounding like a prude, I have done my time experimenting with good ol’ whipped cream at one point in time in my life. But Crisco? Yeah. I dunno that I would trade the Replens for that, to be honest. Though given what weird residue it’s leaving behind, I would like an alternative… but that could be from a whole other issue that I’ve got going on. I think I may be spewing protein again when I pee. It’s obviously just speculation, but yea.

New Topic — We had the braised oxtails for dindin tonight! The texture was absolutely perfect, though there were a few dried out spots because I left the oxtail in the oven for a smidge too long because I wanted to keep them warm until Dad got here for supper and he wasn’t feeling so hot so I made him a bowl of miso soup to start off his meal.

A couple of things to note that are of pretty high importance:

* Don’t use dark soy. It makes the dish far, far too salty. Just regular soy is more than enough.
* Orange juice is in fact a good idea to help cut all that saltiness from the soy, preserved black beans & cooking wine. I was originally worried that it would make the dish too cloyingly sweet and give Dad tummy issues, but the dish really did need that sweetness and acidity to cut the salt and richness of the oxtail. I didn’t bother with the fresh squeezed, I just eyeballed a few glugs from the carton.
* Speaking of oranges, getting the traditional dried tangerine peel from the Asian market would’ve be a better choice than just using regular orange zest. But having said that, sometimes you just have to make do with what you’ve got. Just as a sidenote — before I took the strips of zest off with a veggie peeler, I scrubbed the orange under warm water with a scouring pad to get some of the wax off. It smelled nice and orangey afterwards ;)
* Shiitaki mushrooms would be ~SO~ incredibly awesome with this dish. Unfortunately we could not partake because of The Hubbs’ high sensitivity to all fungi. I did serve stir-fried baby bok choy with supper and it was nice. I would go for both a stir-fried leafy chinese green as well as tossing in mushrooms if at all possible.

Other than that…


Dad’s coming back for dindin tomorrow (Friday) night after The Hubbs pronounced that he had a craving for homemade blue cheese burgers to throw onto the BBQ. It is spring afterall and the weather’s been lovely enough to consider the idea of doing a little outdoor cooking. I won’t get into the argument or correctness of using the terms “grilling” and “BBQ-ing” because honestly: I just don’t care. We’ve always called it BBQ’ing. Period.

The Hubbs is taking tomorrow morning off from work, originally because he was planning on going to a funeral, but he’s since decided that he’s a little uncomfortable with the idea. With the morning off we’re planning on doing a couple of groceries for those burgers, like blue cheese, and I think I will pick up a couple of extra things like pita bread for the hummus that’s sitting in the fridge begging to be eaten and perhaps an eggplant and fresh bottle of mayonnaise so I can make Romanian eggplant spread. I haven’t had that in a long time and it just sounds tasty right now.

On a COMPLETELY different note — I’m feeling… rather okay with SALLY… if rather hesitant to say it out loud.

P.S.: OH and The Hubbs got me FAT *grins*

P.P.S.: For some reason I have it in my head that I am wanting a peanut butter-bacon-cheeseburger. I question not the Craving Gnomes anymore, with SALLY present.

4 thoughts on “*SNICKER!*

  1. Crisco was a part of most gay jokes back when I was in junior high so I’m not too surprised. Just the idea of using solidified vegetable oil is kinda odd to me now that I actually cook. Just sounds a bit… greasy to me.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I think that’s why I’m kind of… fascinated yet grossed out all at the same time — it’s the food aspect of it ^_^
      But yea, now that you mention it, I vaguely recall gay jokes + Crisco. Heh.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Now that you mention it… it is kind of funny, isn’t it? :D
      Yea, there was mention to avoid the butter flavour ;)

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