Baby Bro is back!

He brought back presents! :D

Angry & Happy Onigiri containers

Ochazuke & Uni Furikake

My new Quad bento collection — the top appears to be a salad container (just under 500ml capacity),
one single layered bento (L), two tiered bento + fork (R) and a chopstick set at the bottom.

The Mystery Furikake I’ve been using for Piggy Onigiri.

Photoshoot M.I.A.: 2 small triangular onigiri containers from the same pink floral set.


4 thoughts on “Baby Bro is back!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I know!!
      I forgot to take pics of the other 2 onigiri containers he got me of the same pink floral pattern. They’re small ^_^ so cute!

  1. Ah OK, the pink furikake is tarako! And from wikipedia: is a salted roe food, usually made from Alaska pollock, although tara actually means cod in Japanese.
    On a related note there is a Dotch cooking battle with tarako as one of the special ingredients. Did I ever give you all of those episodes?

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I had a whole shwack of Dotch, but I don’t recall the tarako battle off the top of my head.
      The pink furikake is still tasty :)

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