Yanno… if you’re gonna send me an email that says, “Good to hear you are ok; that makes me more at ease. My words are still the same in the note I sent a few days ago… My apologies again.”

And I say, “What note from a few days ago?”

DON’T reply saying, “Oh carp… Oh carp. When I get home… I’ll resend (can’t find ph # either… All stored in same place)… The news has kept this long… A few more hours will not harm. Again, in advance… My apologies”

That’s the wrong answer and just pisses me off.

I have a niggling feeling that there will be an attempt at guilt-tripping involved.

[Edit: Goddamnit I was right. Fucking shit. 105pm]


2 thoughts on “*(&*&^#*^$!?????????

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Yeah.. especially when you find out your high school best friend’s mom died after a harsh battle with cancer -_-;;;

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