Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas! Part I

I am home and finally back on Bubbles, catching up with what I’ve missed over the last week.

The 5 days spent in Vegas with everyone, celebrating a wedding, was great. Long, but great.

I will post random pics at some point, but right now, I’m just too tired still to dig out the digicam and sift through all the stuff:

Friday we left bright and early from Calgary (800am) on a direct flight to Vegas (1030am-ish). The weather in Calgary was decent and arrival in Sin City was rather warm from what I recall. All I can say is that in comparison to home, Vegas will always be hot… too hot in some cases. I’ve now been in November and May and I think I have to find an even cooler month to survive being in the desert. I spent most of my time wearing a hideously ugly handkerchief (ok, it was a bandana, I’ll just shamefully admit it) around my neck to stop the wetness from my head leaking down my back. Gross.

Making our way from the airport to TI was rather speedy, which was nince — I was just looking forward to planting myself at the hotel and not moving for a few hours. Happily, we weren’t going to be by ourselves, nor would we have to wait until 300pm to check-in! Treasure Island’s new check-in time is now as early as 1100am and we were greeted by Sofbert who had been at the hotel since the ungodly time of ass early. Once checked-in, all I could think about was getting food into my system. I had spent the last several hours without eating or drinking and was rather dehydrated from the plane ride as well as being in really warm climes.

For those of you wondering: yes, I wore my SARS mask and got a lot of queer looks because of it. We chose to take advantage of early boarding so I could get myself mostly settled and stick my nose in my book so I wouldn’t have to see people staring at me. The unfortunate thing about the trip down was that The Hubbs & I didn’t manage to get seats together, we had to sit across the aisle from each other thus making it even more embarassing for me wearing the mask.

Once checked-in and bags were dumped in the hotel room, we made a bee-line for Kahunaville for lunch. I ended up having a virgin pina colada (with a neato palm tree!) and a crab cake sandwich/burger thingy with fries. Oddly enough, this ended up being the restaurant where I ate the most often during out stay in Vegas.

After lunch, it was back to the room for a bit of relaxation and a snooze until dinner time: Hofbräuhaus FTW! For dinner we met up with Card1shark & Joltfiend, followed by the arrival of Gangstakago & Anijel and at the end of dinner Lance, Jess & Dan finally showed up.

Food at HofBrau was tasty. Between the five of us, we started things off with the Hofbräuhaus Wurstplatte — Hofbräuhaus Sausage Plate with Vienna Style Frankfuters, Pork and Chicken Sausages, imported Sauerkraut and Mashed Potatoes + Fresh Baked Pretzel. The chicken sausage was probably the least liked by all, it had a rather soft spongey texture with little to no real discerning taste. After sharing the 3-tiered platter, everyone ordered their own meals. I was rather full by that point, as was The Hubbs, so I ordered the Bavarian Liver Mousse and Obazter (Cheese Specialty) with freshly baked pretzel (followed by a second pretzel) and The Hubbs went straight for dessert: Apfelstrudel with vanilla sauce & a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The liver mousse was definitely a favourite for me, which is why I ended up ordering a second pretzel — one is not enough to eat all the mousse. The obazter, on the other hand, was not my favourite — it was too… buttery. The pretzels were really good for scooping up the liver mousse, but I found the salt crystals to be too overwhelming so I scraped them all off as I ate.

With dinner over, we all returned to the hotel and somehow or other our room became the designated meeting spot for the rest of the #Ranma! gang. It was great to see (almost) everyone in one spot and catch up on visiting. After awhile, everyone decided to move the party somewhere else for drinks. The Hubbs & I declined the invite and opted for going straight to bed instead. An all around busy, yet satisfying first day in Vegas.

Saturday morning was breakfast at TI’s buffet. Mini donuts for all and I was gifted with a Hello Kitty solar bobble head by Pockypimp! (She is currently sitting on the kitchen table sucking up as much solar energy as possible… which, given how cloudy it is with rain on the way, is not that much.) I have to say, the buffet has not changed at all since we were there last. I don’t know if that scares me or disappoints me. After breakky, I had gone back to the room to snooze again because I was still so exhausted from the flight out. I dozed for a smidge while The Hubbs took off for a little walk to enjoy the weather and see a few of the sights close by. He came back after about an hour and convinced me to go back out with him for a little bit of exercise and to get out of the smoky hotel. We booked a non-smoking room for our stay, but man, everywhere you go is smoky. It seemed a lot worse this time around than it did a few years back. It got to the point during our stay that I was actually having a fair bit of difficulty breathing, even with my inhaler.

For our walk we headed to Fashion Show mall(?) with Pockypimp and just wandered around a smidge. We hit up the Sanrio store and Frederick’s of Hollywood. I couldn’t really find anything of great interest at either store. Sanrio was $$$ and Freddy’s was just frustrating trying to find sizes and stuff. At that point Pocky took off to meet up with some of the rest of the group and The Hubbs & I wandered around the mall a little more and stayed within the non-smoking-air-conditioned environment :P When we finally decided to go back outside and check out the waterfalls at Wynn, I got a message from Bellie_Chan asking if I was interested in getting a manicure done with her & Jess. I jumped at the opportunity to spend some time with the girls and off we went for an hour and some of girliness.

I have to say, considering the amount of money that it cost me to get the manicure done, I was hugely disappointed at the experience at TI. Bell & Jess each were lucky enough to have good experiences, but mine sucked ass. The esthetician doing my manicure was not friendly or skilled. I had her do my nails twice and touch up one of the nails a third time because she was that shitty. The first time painting, two-thirds of my cuticles had polish on them and they were painted a rather bright pink, so the sloppy job was hugely noticeable. After she had finished my manicure the first time, the woman just up and left. When she was brought back to fix my cuticles (at my request) she was visibly annoyed at me (though her demeanor was far from warm fuzzy to begin with). She tried to remove the polish from the cuticles and thus destroyed the entire paint job. In the end I had her remove the original polish and had her repaint my nails in a lighter pink with the logic that if she did a crap job of painting my nails again onto the cuticles, at least the colour wouldn’t be as noticeable. After she finished repainting, as she left in a huff, she dinged one of the nails. When I pointed it out to Jess and she had the woman come back again, she was very pissed. Methinks that because they had no appointments for a couple of hours that afternoon, I interrupted her smoke breaks while she was killing time. I have to say, working in a spa environment gives one a high expectation of industry standards.

After the manicure, we headed back to the room so I could change my shorts. They were the absolute bane of my existance. Never wear shorts (or pants) without a belt if you know they’re too big for you! Trying to keep my shorts up was a difficult job when I couldn’t touch anything with setting nails. At that point, I got ready with the intention of going out for the evening for planned bachelorette party. In the end, I realized that I was too tired and too hungry and couldn’t wait around for dinner and the evening’s entertainment (Chippendales!) so The Hubbs & I spent most of the evening to ourselves, which was nice. We headed over to Canter’s Deli for food which was far too much for either of us and then retired for the afternoon some rest & relaxation. I sorely missed the opportunity to partake in the Seafood Buffet at Rio, but I was starting to get the feelings of crappiness coming on so going back to the room was the best option for us.

The Hubbs & I spent most of the evening just lounging around in bed reading and munching on some snacks we picked up after dindin. I did at some point end up napping and then I got a bunch of messages saying that everyone was going to be at Fontana Bar @ The Bellagio at about 1030pm. By that point, I had already drugged myself up for the evening, but I knew that if I didn’t join everyone I would be super upset later on. After getting dressed again and finding a taxi to get us to the Bellagio, we probably arrived at about 1130pm. We stuck around for an hour and some with everyone, saw the Bellagio water show two or three times from the balcony and eventually decided it was time to get back to the hotel because the wedding on Sunday morning was at noon and would require us to get up early-ish.

When we left the hotel, Softie came back with us as did Biggieness (because he left his luggage in our room upon arrival in Vegas). I can only say that Saturday night was probably the coolest experience I’ve had in Vegas, thusfar. When we left the bar, we ended up waiting in a huge long queue for a taxi (who knew people all left at the same time as us??) and as we were standing there, a limousine passed us offering his services for ten bucks a person for a flat rate of $40. Turns out we took too long making a decision and some guy hopped in and the limo took off without us. Too bad. After a couple of taxis drove past, a second limousine offered his services for a flat rate of $45 and I made mention that the last guy said $40 and the driver said, “Fine, forty bucks.” Score! Four of us piled into the limo and off we went from the Bellagio, down the strip, to Treasure Island.

While we were sitting in traffic, I came to this realization: I’m looking at blinky lights. On the strip. In Vegas. Leaving the Bellagio. IN A LIMO!

The best part came with this twitter from Softie:

Riding in stretch limo from Bellagio back to TI for $40. yeah, those canadians know how to roll 12:47 AM May 3rd

One thought on “Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas! Part I

  1. Very cool!! I’m glad you had a good trip. And I know it wasn’t fun, but “silly Jenn in a mask” is better than “sickie Jenn in bed”. {{Hugs}}
    Hopefully we get to meet and hang out some day. But until then, blogs are good. :) {muwah}

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