Vivaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Las Vegas! Part II

I’ve suddenly come to realize how much I am able to write… this is insane!

Of weddings, more limos, The Beatles & Queen.

I have come to the realization that the more people you have in a hotel room, the harder it is to get everyone up, showered & ready to go for breakfast at an hour that doesn’t require one to get up ass early.

Sunday was wedding day! Day started with a quick breakky at The Coffee Shop in TI. Food was edible and didn’t cost us $20+ per person… though having said that, a large orange juice for $6.75!? WTF? Seriously? Jeez. Anyhow breakfast was ordered, eaten and we hopped back to the room to do the last of getting dressed and prettied for the big day. I didn’t realize how huge the Bellagio was. It’s massive and it’s a rather long walk from the front entrance of the hotel to the Wedding Chapel. The interactive maps that they have sprinkled throughout the hotel is rather deceiving when it says “You are here!” and “Wedding Chapel is here!” Yeesh. The ceremony was short and sweet and it was nice to see everyone dressed in their Sunday Best for the event ^_^

After the ceremony, people dispersed into little groups to find food or just hang out. I was horribly hot and sweaty the entire time we were in the chapel, so we had to find me something cold to drink ASAP. We ended up in a cute little coffee shop with probably what is the best chocolate mousse ever to be had, along with an Italian Soda for The Hubbs & an iced coffee for me. After our little coffee break, we wandered off in the direction of Sensi, where the wedding reception was being held. The restaurant is closed at lunch, which was nice, so we ended up in a private room for celebratory champagne, some tasty antipasti, hors d’oeuvres nibblies and oysters on the halfshell. (Yum oysters!) I did not partake in the champagne, but the staff at Sensi was kind enough to offer me a glass of sparkling apple cider when I asked if there was a non-alcoholic option available. Having the cider poured in a champagne flute, to the top with a lovely little head, made me look like a complete lush, but damn it was fun to walk around the room with it! It’s too bad, but I didn’t get a picture of me taken with the bucket of oysters. Talking with tamatamaaa during the reception, it would have made for a funny lolcats-captioned pic.

After spending a good amount of time mingling, The Hubbs & I decided it was time to find Vosges Chocolates. I don’t know why I could have sworn the shop was in the Bellagio amongst the super expensive shops. Turns out it wasn’t. Either way, we said our congratulations & goodbyes to the handsome groom, explained what we were off to do: “Gotta find me the bacon chocolate!” That brought a good laugh from FzzyCuffs and then we were on our way… but not before stopping in at one of the random gift shops to buy me a pair of (not) cheap flip-flops. My feet were ridiculously swollen for some reason that day and I was having difficulties walking properly by the end of the festivities. My shoes weren’t ridiculous by any means, a pair of low heels that could almost be considered flats, but for some reason they just weren’t cooperating with me. $15 later for a pair of rather ugly, old-person-bling-lookin’ flip-flops and we were on our way again… sort of. Unfortunately, we didn’t make it to any of the shops in Bellagio. We made it as far as the lobby of the hotel when I decided to call it quits for the day. It was time to head back our hotel to rest my poor feet.

On our way out of the Bellagio, Softie made the executive decision to grab us a limousine one more time, just for fun, and twittered this:

Damn canadians are high rollers.. we’re in the limo again. just destroyed tina’s limo-virginity. will she be sore tomorrow? 4:16 PM May 3rd

The rest of the day was pretty laid back — Clothing changes all around + Nap, Sunday Dinner at Grand Lux @ The Venetian with almost the whole #Ranma! gang as a last hurrah before people started the mass exodus of Vegas on Monday, goodbyes were said to those people The Hubbs & I probably wouldn’t get a chance to see before their Monday departures and then we just kicked back in the room one last time with Softie so he could get things packed & organized for his stupid early flight home.

Monday was a quiet day. Softie left around 500am, Bell & I had breakky one last time at Kahunaville and then the rest of the LA bunch did breakky one last time at the buffet. After everyone had been fed and was packed up to go, goodbyes and pictures were taken one last time and everyone parted ways.

The Hubbs & I still had all of Monday & Tuesday left in Vegas so we took the chance to make one last shopping trip around the Caesar’s Forum Shops. I still had to find my bacon chocolate! Turns out finding the shop was way easier than I thought it would be. It’s right on street level as soon as you enter the forum. Vosges Chocolates is a dangerous place, my friends. We picked up 2 bacon bars, 1 Calindia, 1 Barcelona & 1 Gift Set of Mini Exotic Candy Bars (though it could be a dark chocolate collection, I can’t recall now) and then the guy behind the counter gave us each a sample of their truffles. I don’t know what was in it, but all I know is that it was a dark chocolate with a decadent & rich truffle centre flavoured with kirsch and I believe there was a dried cherry on top. It was probably one of the best mouthgasms I’d had in a really long time. Funny enough, considering all the chocolate we bought, none of it is for us, they’re all gifts for others.

For our last and final hurrah in Vegas, we blew it on seeing The Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil show at the Mirage. It was a good show, I enjoyed it, a little artsy-fartsy on ocassion that made me scratch my head, but overall a satisfying show for our last night. Having said that, my opinion apparently differs significantly from a gentleman by the name of Brian May from Queen. As we were leaving the show, we had a brush up (well, more like an elbow in the ribs) with fame. Brian May was headed out the door from the Beatles show at the same time as we were. After we trailed along behind him the whole way out of the hotel, I had to call my friend D back home in Calgary to tell him what just happened. D is a massively huge Queen & Brian May fan. Like no explaining how HUGE! Anyways, I gave him a call, talked to him for about 10-15 minutes as he sat on the phone pissing himself, wished him a good night and hung up.

Fast forward to today, where I turned on Bubbles for the first time in a week: There’s an email in my inbox from D with the subject line Brian May wrote to me!!!!!!!! After our conversation on Monday night, he logged onto Brian May’s website and dropped him a little note about our brush up with his wife/gf and having seen him on her arm exiting the Beatles show. In D‘s words, “HE WROTE BACK!!!!!!!!! I just about shit! I didn’t expect a thing! I am framing the message for all to see. It wasn’t a form reply either, it was specific about the show etc.” Gotta love it when you can totally make a friend’s day with something awesome like that ^_^

Tuesday was our longest day. We got up and checked out at 1100am and then had breakfast at Kahunaville one last time (which was really lunch, by the restaurant’s menu) and then spent the entire day on the pool deck. It was probably the longest and hardest day to have to wait out that I’ve ever experienced. Surprisingly, I was rather comfortable sitting in the shade all day, it wasn’t too hot when you weren’t moving about. But holy cow, I never want to have to sit around waiting for a 900pm flight ever again. UGH. I suppose it wasn’t a total loss, I did end up text messaging a few people throughout the day, but man, I just wanted to be at home and in bed by the time the afternoon rolled around. Longest. Day. EVAR.

Flight was wonderfully unexciting again — When we checked in at Westjet, The Hubbs & I managed to get 2 seats together this time. Thank god. And I got to sit at the window seat with my SARS mask. Of course, we were also seated in the third row of the plane, so everyone coming onboard definitely saw me with my mask. That will be the last time for a good while that I will have to don one of those things, but I’m kind of glad I had them with.

All around, it was a great trip to see everyone and I’m glad we could do it.

Having said that, The Hubbs would like to invite everyone to come and visit us in Calgary.

There are some preliminary plans to actually execute Maple Con in the summer of 2010.

If you don’t think you can wait that long or would like to come to Canada when it’s chillier: October 2009 has been designated Mini MapleCon for Bell’s birthday.

We have the space and we’d love to see people!


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