Houston, we have a problem… again.

Well Kids,

Either I have a chest infection or SALLY is mighty displeased with my visiting Vegas.

I say I might have a chest infection because I haven’t been sick since before I was diagnosed with SALLY or even while I was on chemo, so I don’t actually know what a “regular cold” feels like anymore and don’t know what to look for.

My chest is tight and I am having difficulties with regular as well as deep breathing, not to mention this fantabulous cough that sounds pretty harsh, brings up nothing, yet feels like it’s making my throat bleed.

I have been using my inhaler, but it seems to do very little. The Hubbs gave me a dose of cough syrup and that was rather.. ew. It was a short-lived solution so will probably not be used again.

I am going to wait until morning to see how I feel and then decide from there whether to call Hawt Doc or Family Doc. I have a feeling Hawt Doc is going to be mighty displeased with my last weekend’s amusements.

Let’s hope I can still breathe properly in the morning, otherwise you’ll all be hearing from The Hubbs…. I could totally kill for an oxygen tank right now.


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