You have damage to your eardrum… o rly.

Ya. Rly.


The appointment wasn’t a complete loss at least.

Saw Sinus Guy today and he took a peek-see at my ears. Everything is perfectly hunky dory as far as he’s concerned upon initial examination, but he would like for me to make a visit to the lovely people at any one of the three hospitals to do another MRI.

Basically I have damage to my left ear drum and the damage extends to my balance mechanism. The purpose of the MRI is to see how extensive the damage is. There is really nothing terribly exciting going on and I imagine nothing that can be done to fix it, so I shall just go and subject myself to more tests as the good Doctor wishes.

He did ask me one amusing question (with a smirk on his face, no less), “Do you have any new metal in your head?”

“Uhm… no.”



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