I spent the monays

On yarn!

My order from Herrschners finally arrived the other day and in it was my long awaited book on Crocheted Socks.

I still have that untouched book of Cute Little Animals to try my hand at, but for some reason I felt a strange yearning to try something more.. delicate.

Having made the trek out to M1Y to see what the new owner was like and see how much some sock yarn would cost me, I came to the decision that I just can’t afford boutique yarn. It’s just too freakin’ expensive. $19.95 for 50g? UHmm, no thanks, I’ll pass.

So I went to Crack City and bought myself some (relatively) inexpensive Patons Stretch Sock yarn in Kelp & Patons Kroy Sock yarn in Mulberry Stripes.

We shall see how my ambitions play out.

For now, I have other things to think about and prep: Roast Chicken dinner! Woo! It seems like forever since I’ve made roast chicken with all the veggies + stuffing.


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