Huh! Imagine that…

So about a week ago, I was reading a entry about oatmeal.

The gyst of the question was: What’s your fave way to eat it and gimme some savoury options for my oatmeal!

I threw in an idea or two and thought not much about it since.

Well roll forward to today. It’s snowing. AGAIN. WTF man, seriously.

For breakfast this morning, I had a large-ish salad with a couple slices of balogne, a little cheddar cheese and for the most part a scoop of cottage cheese lightly flavoured with the smallest drizzle of ranch with a bunch of grape tomatoes. Awesome.

For lunch, I couldn’t decide what to make. I couldn’t decide if I should eat the last of the leftover rice noodles in the fridge or make a pot of ichiban. Did I mention that it’s snowing? Poking around the pantry, there’s a bunch of stuff in there that I really would like to make, but I have no tried and true recipes for. What does one do with kasha, bulgar wheat & quinoa? Other than cold salads that is, which seem to be popular.

Anyhow, I had eventually decided on a pot of ichiban because I was hungry and wanted food fast. But as I was standing at the stove staring at the little pot waiting for the water to boil, I took one more look inside the pantry and my brain settled on the blue cardboard cannister wedged in the corner: Steel Cut Oats. By the time my brain registered the oatmeal, the water was boiled. I looked at the brick of noodles then threw them back into the pantry and dragged out the oatmeal.


I made a pot of steel cut oatmeal for lunch.

But get this! I didn’t eat oatmeal in my usual fashion of sprinkled with brown sugar and drowned in milk (though I’ve found a preference for evaporated milk on oatmeal. It is rather tasty). Oh noes, I did not. I did something far more bizarre, in my mind, than usual:

* Make your oatmeal as per usual — in this case it’s 4 cups of water to 1 cup of oatmeal for four servings.
* In your empty bowl, drop 1 Tbsp of butter.
* Pour your screaming hot’n’angry looking bubbly oatmeal overtop. Stir until melted.
* Sprinkle (or cover, in my case) the oatmeal with parmesan cheese and add salt & pepper to taste.
* Stir until well combined, adding more cheese if necessary.

It was really good! And satisfying to boot! This may not be the most earth shattering revelation for a recipe, but I was mightily impressed. The whole combination of butter, salt, pepper & cheese just made oatmeal a completely different and enjoyable beast. I guess I would liken it to a nutty risotto with extra fibre.

Or as Fuzzy said, “Lots of fiber and some lube to let it glide through you faster.”

I’m thinking that some garlicky shrimp would be absolutely amazing with the oatmeal.

Try it, you might like it.

Now I have 3 meals of oatmeal remaining to experiment with.

What’d you discover, Ronin001? ^_^


7 thoughts on “Huh! Imagine that…

  1. heh…so this weekend was pretty much oat-a-palooza at the condo trying out as many different combinations possible, some of which produced some quite facinating revelations!
    For starts: Steel Cut Oats all the way. Fer sure the texture is king as well as the taste and the smell.
    Next, the first thing I made was on a recommendation from the post, following proper cooking directions, seasoning using only butter, salt, pepper, and an egg yolk, producing a facinatingly familiar flavor that only occured to me that I’ve had this before once upon a time…but more on that later…
    the morning afterwards, having a pot of leftover oatmeal that’s been firmed up, the thought crossed my mind as to what I’d do with a leftover pot of something similar; in particular, rice. I found a packet of ramen seasoning, fluffed up the oatmeal, re-heated it in the microwave with some butter and pepper, threw in a sprinkle of the seasoning and some chopped green onion, and enjoyed a variant on one of my more favorite hangover foods. It was yummy in a sodium-a-rific way, and yet the texture added a pleasant change of pace. Also I felt quite proud of myself balancing the sins of the night before with a proper bowl of fiber…
    Later that evening I basically did what you did, except instead of following directions, I accidently let it overcook a bit in the pot, producing what you had discovered how it emparted similar qualities to risotto, in that the longer you cook it and stir it up, the more starch it releases. A most excellent flavor, especially since I also seasoned it a bit with truffle oil on top of the reggiano cheese and pepper.
    It was when risotto notion crossed my mind as to the familiarity of the first dish: following directions, the only other recipe I knew that had the same texture was congee, which made me realize why the egg and oatmeal was so familiar, as was the texture, and even some of it’s flavor. Mind you I felt like an idiot after this realization in that I’ve been reverse engineering porridge all this time with rice instead of grains, but at the same time I’m also happy knowing that if Congee can be meaty when compared to Rice Pudding, then Oatmeal can do the same.
    I’m content on wondering what other stuff I can make. I’m thinking maybe something like a congee with it’s rich stock and whatever meats you can find, topped with scallions and century eggs. Also I’m wondering if it can be cooked the same way that rice is cooked, just enough water to fluff it up but not enough to release any starch, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities.
    I did have one failure of sorts. Thinking I might be able to try something like fried rice, I took one batch of leftovers and tried sauteeing it in oil. Not really an epic FIAL, but it was sorta like frying risotto. It still tasted pretty damned good though with the soy sauce and onions!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      After I was done eating, I also thought back to what kinds of things I like to eat with plain rice as a base and then I remembered my extended stint with the butter, soysauce & yellow mustard period topped with an over-easy egg and a little crushed nori on top!

      1. TeaseMeGirl

        And I forgot — I was thinking about the oatmeal-risotto thing with toppings, too: top it with mushrooms instead of shrimp like for the happy mushroom sammich!

  2. huh..
    I never thought about any other options than sugar or fruit. But treating oatmeal like any other breakfast “sludge” should work. I’ve done grits several different ways: honey, CHEESE, fried egg, hot sauce, brown sugar, raisins….
    Wow, just think, oatmeal, some brekky meats and cheese!!! I know what I’m having for lunch!

  3. If you want an extra nutty flavor, toast the steel cut oats in butter/olive oil while you boil water in another pot. When the steel cut oats start releasing that wonderful nutty smell, prepare as normal. Just a little tweak to add to it!

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