Thoughts on exercise.

I’m a slug.

I really am.

I’m a lazy bump on a log, slug and I’m sad about that fact. It doesn’t help that I’m still feeling rather bleh from Vegas, but that’s not the excuse I’m using. I’m just plain lazy.

Mom came over earlier this afternoon to make me another round of potions and while she was hangin’ out (after we ate a little breakky) keeping an eye on the boiling pot on the stove, I went and dug up some dandilions in the backyard.

Last summer, we bought this Fiskars Stand-up Weed puller from Canadian Tire and it’s okay. It leaves huge potholes in the lawn, but it gets rid of the weed from the root and it doesn’t require me to do a lot of bending/falling over to hack at ’em. It does, on the other hand, require some sense of balance. That I am slightly lacking at the moment. When I step on the weeder to dig into the ground, I fall slightly sideways. As time goes on, I start getting tired and shaky and then I start teetering when standing on one foot to get those prongs into the ground.

It’s a good thing everything’s still kind of soft and giving from the snow we’ve had, but the backyard is a total and utter mess. Biggie would be absolutely horrified at my lawn. The front yard looks presentable enough, but I admit, I am rather embarassed about our backyard. The fact that we have no fence between us and our neighbour certainly doesn’t help matters, especially when the Grandfather is here from China and has thusfar: built 2 small gardens & our shared gate. This is what happens when life gets in the way and some things are just more important than grass.

So. Having said all that, I weeded this afternoon. Not a lot, in the scheme of things, but I weeded. I only dug up the flowering dandilions because to be honest, tromping around the backyard, we have so many weeds it’s not even funny. I did notice that it’s not all dandilions that’s growing in the grass. Some of the yellow flowers are actually little wildflowers that have blown into the yard from the planter box over the last couple years! I walked past a lot of them, then I decided to dig them up anyways. When they’re in a yard that looks like it’s filled with dandilions, the poor wildflowers also look like dandilions — if only it had been the pink or purple wildflowers that had popped up instead!

I wasn’t out for too long, maybe 30-45 minutes tops, but holy cow it certainly did a number on me. I have the shakes, I’m a little lightheaded and good lord I am sweaty. Gross to the Nth degree, my friends. Absolutely gross. My poor headphones were very wet when I took them off. I didn’t realize how crappy my balance was until I was trying to walk around in the grass. One of those things you don’t notice when you’re walking around on pavement or hard-even surfaces :(

Anyhow. The last week has been shitty and a half for sleeping.

It really has.

I’ve been up at/til 500am for a few nights now and I’ve had an inkling of wanting to go walking at that hour but thought that it might freak out The Hubbs to wake up finding me missing or because the garage door was opening and the car being taken. I’ve talked to him about it just now (because I forgot the last couple days) and he’s alright with the idea of me going off at that hour. It’s getting pretty light out at 5am so it’s not like I’d be walking around in the pitch black of night.

I might try walking tomorrow morning before The Hubbs runs off to work (boo!). I’m not planning on going about this whole thing as “I have to get up at 5am and walk!”, I’m just gonna see how things feel for the next couple of days. No pressure, so we’ll see how things go.

[Edit: BTW… hot cornbread muffins fresh from the oven with lots of butter & honey FTW 438pm]

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