Mmmmmmmm…….. James Callis.


Yea, I went there.

Apparently my attraction to skinny men with accents has not abated one bit.

And to add incredible amusement to that whole train of thought, look what Facebook’s Chinese Astrology presented me with:

Hidden Sexual Fantasies of Dragon Women

Your fantasies have nothing mean or obscure. With you, everyone swims in glory, renown, and celebrity! Those who arouse your fantasies are in view, in full glare. Narcissistic and demanding, proud and perfectionist, you shun meanness and weakness. Lusterless daily life bores you and, whether you have the courage to avow it or not, only a being of great quality or whose beauty and merits everyone admires can have chances to lure you. And, in your dreams, there are many known people who would be surprised at the feats which you make them accomplish. You are not snobbish, however. It’s because your senses are aroused only in the presence of those who excite the desire of all, who are unreachable because of their birth, their talent, or their fame. That’s a challenge worthy of you!

The man of your fantasies is powerful. Socially powerful, but also sexually. He bears a scepter and a crown or, at least, a sword and a blazon. He’s a great theater actor, a movie star, or a world-famous singer. He’s by his birth above all others. But not above you! For what you dream of is to dominate this man, who dominates all others. To enslave this powerful man whom everyone fears, that’s your fantasy!

Dual Signs Dragon and Scorpio

What you hate most is to see someone have the bad taste or daring to resist you. Conscious of the force of your personality, you don’t imagine that people can allow themselves to bump into you. You’re also conscious of your creative power which overturns everything, upsets everything, which imposes itself by personal magnetism. Despite the despotic, tyrannical side to your character, you fascinate others; and you try to reduce them to your mercy!

Your worst flaw is your pride. It’s this flaw that makes you look for conflicts, fights, heroic or monarchic actions. You never consult others, it’s they who have to give in to you or comply with you. But one must say for your discharge that you’re very generous. You’re gifted with colossal power of work and endurance which exhausts those around you.

In the professional field as in many others, you constantly look for asserting your superiority, you see through all that you undertake, and you never abandon what you covet. Your rather insolent obstinacy is almost always paying. You can succeed as head of a movement or in a high position in industry, the army, or politics.

Your love life always runs the risk of being fraught with storms because you’ve difficulty conciliating your sentiments and your ambitions. But your attachments are powerful and durable, and your generosity toward your beloved ones is boundless.

Hawt damn, seems like I’m a force to be reckoned with.



5 thoughts on “Mmmmmmmm…….. James Callis.

  1. LOL…Baltar really is a twat though :-P
    /and yet, he gets a ridiculous amount of ass. Seriously, as the series progresses it’s ludricous the amounts of sex he has.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I’ve always had a thing for “not good guys” in films/tv… to an extent.
      I’d give him my ass ;D

      1. Anonymous

        OH MY!!! W00t! naughty thing! Heh, tell ya what, I wouldn’t mind being Baltar for a bit ;-)

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