Have shakes & hangover… guh

Things you probably should be wary about when I’m hungover:

* Eating — I had a pretty simple breakky of ochazuke with a hardboiled egg.

* Exertion — I dug up dandilions again, which is great! It means I’ve made a concerted effort to actually be doing some form of physical activity.

The obvious result of all this is: Sweating, super flushed face, light-headedness, dizzyness, nausea & vomiting.

Since Friday, I’ve dug dandilions every day except Monday because I was out and about with mom wandering around garden centres close to home. I’m rather proud of myself. Though I can honestly say that I feel like ass everytime I do it. Isn’t exercise supposed to get less painful and more enjoyable at some point?

So yea, yesterday Mom came over and we went to a few places to check out garden centres so she could buy some flowers to plant in her flower pots for the season. We hit up Superstore, IGA, Costco & Walmart. It turned out to be a fair amount of walking so I gave myself a ‘get out of dandilions free‘ card.

I originally hadn’t planned on buying anything since The Hubbs & I had actually planned on roaming the garden centres ourselves after he was done work, but I ended up getting a couple of tomato plants after all so I wouldn’t have to go out a second time.

I’m rather excited about this year’s tomato plant haul: 1 Yellow Boy(!) and one hanging cherry tomato basket.

For those tomatoes that don’t make it to full ripeness, I plan on making green tomato relish again in the fall. I am generally not a fan of relish, but this stuff rocked.

So back to bed for me.


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