Things didn’t work out quite right…

I have serious paranoia issues with my hair.

No one ever seems to be able to cut it right. Somehow I always end up with something resembling a bowl-cut or, in this case: The mushroom.

Anyhow, it’s ridonkulously short in the back and weirdly squarish at the sides, somewhat reminiscent of… well.. *snort* A Vulcan. The fact that my ears are large enough to almost pass for Vulcan ears doesn’t help matters any. The only reason I mention this is because my parents went to Vulcan, Alberta (ya, rly) yesterday for a lazy drive and then brought us all back a pair of Vulcan ears & an Enterprise pin as souvenirs.

The scary part… I can pull off the Vulcan look rather well, though this picture doesn’t do them justice:

To hide the fact that I am uncomfortable with my new (and rather bizzarre looks) I’m wearing a bandana. Not unlike a usual day to keep my hair out of my face, but something odd has happened… I also look like Cooking Mama O_O;

As to what happened to all my hair? Well, turns out I had enough to donate. So they chopped off all my hair into two ponytails and off my hair went to Locks of Love… at least that’s what I think they said.


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