Pine tree sex juice…

That’s what The Hubbs said he was gonna hose off the car after we came home from grocery shopping.

So, I was flitting around reading some stuff last night until the wee hours of the morning and I decided to read up a little about Raw Food diets & Veganism.

Fear not, I have no plans on becoming either vegetarian, vegan or a raw food promoter, it was just a curiousity thing. Anyhow, it would seem that those who are proponents of the Raw Food lifestyle claim that it’s the cure to a lot of diseases and health issues, etc etc etc. As much as I’d like to believe that the cure to all my woes is found in eating nothing but fruits, veggies, nuts & seeds, I don’t think I could do it simply because I like meat, dairy and fish far too much. Not to mention the fact I heart breads & pastas even more than meat.

So where does that bring us?

Well, after my little bit of research last night I mentioned the whole notion of a Raw Foods Diet to The Hubbs and neither of us think it’s the right choice for us. We could by far be eating much healthier, as most people need to, and we settled on making a really concerted effort to get those fruits and veggies into our normal everyday eating habits. That and for me, try to do my best to not eat wheat products because it’s just killing my stomach again. Every. Single. Time. *sigh*

Enter grocery shopping excursion, stage left — we went and spent a goodly amount of money on just fruits & veggies.

Our plan to both try that much harder to make sure we eat our fruits and veggies doesn’t sound like a hard thing to do in the scheme of things (and it’s not, really) but the problem I’ve encountered is that I have a very, very small capacity for food. As we were piling up tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, celery, baby bananas, oranges and Grapples into the cart I had to point out to The Hubbs that it’s going to be that much harder for me to accomplish this goal because looking at the array of munchies in our cart, as an example, one Grapple would equate to a meal for me because of the lack of room going on in my stomach. His suggestion was that I go for a lot of mini meals consisting of one fruit or veg throughout the day. We’ll see what happens.

In other news — I have a pork picnic shoulder hangin’ out in the crockpot on its way to hopefully becoming a really good pulled pork extravaganza.

I have had zero luck thusfar making pulled pork. The one attempt I made a long while ago was utter failure in my mind, even though The Hubbs enjoyed it. Mind you, enjoyed might be a strong word, more like was forced to eat the whole thing himself because it just didn’t work for me. We ended up making a whole bunch of pulled pork sandwiches for him and stuffed them into the freezer for future lunches. Perhaps pulled pork is supposed to be dry, but I just couldn’t stomach it.

So we are going at it once more. Thusfar, I’ve skinned the pork, rubbed it all over with a dry rub and dropped it on top of a sliced onion with maybe a cup of apple juice. I’m leaving it in the crock for… well, a long time on low. Then I have plans on removing it from the crock, shredding it and then tossing it into the fridge. Tomorrow, I’ll douse it with BBQ sauce and then put it on low for a good number of hours again until The Hubbs gets home from work and hopefully, fingers crossed, we’ll have ourselves something to be proud of.

In the meantime, tonight I’m having a big ass salad for dinner, cuz it sounds good.

(Side note: Since coming home from the store, I’ve had over the last two hours: 2 baby bananas, 5 cocktail tomatoes, a couple slices of balogne smeared with cream cheese, and a tiny little nibble of bread with butter. The bread is so not sitting well. *double sigh*)


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