Hawt Damn!

I am beyond impressed!

I’ve been sitting here sniffing the smells of my pulled pork for the last 3 hours and I decided I was done with waiting. I had to taste test. I’ve shredded the pork, there’s a little more accumulated juices at the bottom of the crock (yay!) and I’ve added about 2/3 of a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ sauce.

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn it’s tasty! This is what I always imagined the texture of pulled pork to be! Before I dumped in all the sauce, I taste tested both the Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ sauce and the Honey BBQ sauces with the plain pork. Both were good, but the Hickory is what made it for me. I’ve never been a huge BBQ sauce fan, in fact I generally dislike it, so I was quite surprised when it actually tasted good with the pork.

So now there’s a pot of pork hangin’ out until The Hubbs gets home in 4 hours. I am so ridiculously excited for him to have dindin with me tonight. Because I brainfarted while at the grocery store yesterday, he’s gonna have to pick up a bag of soft squishy buns, a bag of coleslaw and some sour creme before coming home.

I will unfortunately have to pass on the buns, but I have something in the fridge that works just as spectacularly for me that’s not upsetting my tum — Corn tortillas! Holy cow, tasty! Of course, I was testing the pork with the tortillas because I realized that I basically made a neutral tasting shredded pork recipe. The fact I ate it with alfalfa sprouts is kind of curious, though. It would seem that I’ve been unconsciously seeking out non-wheat products as of late. This whole pain in tummy thing from eating wheat products is making me uber sad.

……. Damn ……

The dandilions popped up.

So much for avoiding them because of the cold weather ^_^

Day 8 of Dandilion Warfare.


Crockpot Shredded Pork

1 x 5lb bone-in pork picnic shoulder roast
ClubbHouse La Grille Pork Rub Seasoning
1 onion sliced
1/2 – 1 cup Apple juice
Sweet Baby Ray’s Hickory & Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce

* Remove skin from pork shoulder with sharp knife, trying to leave a good enough layer of fat on the meat.
* Rub the roast generously all over with seasoning; enough so that you don’t actually see meat, just spices.
* Slice onion and scatter it on the bottom of the crock.
* Pour over enough apple juice just to cover onions.
* Place pork on top of onions.
* Set crock to low and cook for ~8 hours or until bone easily comes out of meat.
* Remove meat from crock and place in a casserole dish and put in fridge overnight.
* Pour accumulated juices into separate container and leave in fridge overnight.

* Next day: Defat pork’n’onion jelly, set aside.
* Put pork back into crockpot, adding a little more apple juice to cover the bottom of the crock, some of the pork jelly and set to low.
* Cook until pork is warm and tender again.
* Shred meat with fork and mix well in juices that accumlated in the crock.
* Add ~2/3 bottle of BBQ sauce and stir well. Leave on low unitl time to eat.

* Serve with extra sauce, buns/corn tortillas and coleslaw (or alfalfa sprouts as my case may be).


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