Oh my!

No dandilions in the yard!!!

I don’t know if I should be excited or scared — The Hubbs dug up enough dandilions this weekend to fill an entire green garbage bag full.

I guess I’m off the hook for dandilion-pulling for another day. ^_^

The pulled pork experiment is still ongoing. I let the pork go from about 330pm-midnight on low, put the meat in a casserole dish and the juices in another and put them both in the fridge overnight. This morning I was greeted by the sight of an inch-thick layer of fat sitting atop a lovely bowl of pork’n’onion jelly. I’ve put the meat back into the slowcooker with a little bit of the jelly and a smidge of apple juice on the bottom and am letting it cook on low again for a bunch of hours in hopes of making it even tastier. Later on I’ll put in that bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and we’ll see how it tastes. I have my fingers crossed that it’s still going to taste good. I was pretty impressed with the little bit of meat that I tasted from removing the pork bone before throwing it all in the fridge.

The ‘eat more fruits & veg’ attempt isn’t going too badly so far. This morning for breakky I had a little bit of crab salad (made with canned crab, a little mayo, chopped celery, garlic salt & pepper) on top of some of those mini round tortilla chips and apple slices. The crab salad goes really well with both cucumber slices as well as apple… grapple. I was quite impressed. I think I like the flavour of the apple + crab more than cucumber + crab.


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